Allbirds Vs Hoka: A Comfortable Solution

Allbirds are known for their comfort and are often used as everyday shoes. Hoka, on the other hand, is known for their cushioning and is often used as running shoes.

Allbirds Canvas Pacer (For Normal Use)

Hoka Bondi SR (For Professional Use)

My initial thought on Allbirds shoes was that they are nothing but sneakers. But gradually, they proved to be more than that. 

However, with natural rubber soles and petroleum-free leather, can Allbirds compete with Hoka shoes which consist of EVA foam and upper mesh? Let’s see who wins the Allbirds Vs Hoka battle. 

Comparison: Allbirds Canvas Pacer Vs Hoka Bondi SR

Hoka shoes are constructed keeping the athletes in mind. Yet, Allbirds are for an average user. If you go for a morning walk regularly and run regularly, Allbirds shoes will be good.

But I found out Allbird shoes are also appropriate to attend some parties with. But compared to Hoka, let’s see what they’ve got in quality. 

Since Allbirds Canvas Pacer and Hoka Bondi SR are the most trendy in the market, we’ll compare them in this article. 

Sole Unit

Allbirds Canvas Pacer has a thick layer of natural rubber in the outsole, which I found pretty comfortable. But it can hardly tolerate some rough surfaces. So, I try to avoid rugged terrain whenever I wear this shoe. 

But there won’t be this problem with Hoka Bondi SR as this shoe come with EVA foam. This foam’s heavier-duty rubber compound can withstand any surface and pressure. Even after being thick, EVA foams are lighter and environment-friendly. 

So, I usually wear Hoka Bondi SR for heavy-duty work and use the Allbirds canvas pacer for everyday walking.  

Upper Unit 

Allbirds Canvas Pacer has the most stylish upper unit of 100% plastic and petroleum-free leather. This exterior part has natural rubber, plant oils, and some recycled materials. Because of its chic appearance on the upper part, I wear it for outings and at parties too. On a long day of walking, I find this shoe more breathable. 

Hoka Bondi SR has a bold look on the upper unit. And I was surprised so will you knowing that the leather of its upper unit is water resistant. It has a water-repellent coating that carries through to the outsole as well. So, running in the rain will be more fun with this shoe. And on a normal day, this upper unit promotes airflow and keeps your forefoot cozy. 


Hoka Bondi SR is slip resistant; this is what SR stands for. This feature makes this shoe stable. Allbirds Canvas Paceer needs to be more stable to handle impactful activities. But if you wear them for normal use, they can be proven to be more durable. 

Heel-to-toe Drop 

Allbirds brands prioritize sleek and stylish appearance on their shoe; that’s why Allbirds Canvas Pacer comes with a 7 mm drop size to create a chic look. You’ll have the most adequate drop size of 5 mm in Hoka Bondi SR. According to this, Allbirds canvas is considered inappropriate for heavy-duty running. 


I found Allbirds canvas more bouncy and fluffier with a thick layer of natural rubber. But Hoka Bondi SR seems softer to me. This flagship of Hoka Bondi features a symmetrical bed in the cushioning, giving me a far kinder touch. 


Allbirds Canvas Pacer keeps me on all day without letting my legs tired. But they seem inert if I take them to hard work. Otherwise, this shoe can go on for years in normal use. 

On the other hand, Hoka Bondi SR can tolerate heavy workouts constantly. Along with this, it also offers comfort to severe leg injuries. So, in the case of performance, I found Hoka Bondi SR the straightest one. 

Overall Opinion

From my experience, Allbirds Canvas Pacer is more sustainable for normal use. Every day I take this shoe for a morning walk, which still looks new after a year of service. On the other hand, Hoka Bondi SR is more like professional stuff.

I only take it to the gym, running, and Taiquando training. And this shoe has supported me nicely throughout my practice seasons, and my legs always feel fresh after hours of using this shoe. 

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