Hoka Arahi vs Clifton Compared

With the thickest layer of EVA foam, Hoka Clifton shoes have become the centerpiece of many. But people who tend to run fast and want some stability while pronating can take a look at the Hoka Arahi.

Arahi is a stability shoe, whereas Clifton is a neutral shoe, so which one is best for you? In comparison to the Clifton, the Arahi has more cushioning, but weighs slightly more, while the Clifton is seen as a balanced shoe due to the extra cushioning.

While talking about Clifton, the model that won people’s hearts is Clifton 8. And Hoka Arahi 6 has some extraordinary features to compete. So, let’s see if Hoka Arahi 6 can be a better alternative to Clifton 8. 

Comparison Between Hoka Arahi 6 vs Clifton 8

You’ll hardly find any difference between these two shoes. To determine the best among them, read until the end to find their ultimate characteristic. 

Sole Unit 

Clifton 8 has a thick one-piece layer of EVA foam which is lightweight and doesn’t compress during use. It doesn’t bounce on medium and long-distance runs, as plenty of cushioning ensures soft landings. Sidewalls around the heel keep your feet nice and tight and provide extra comfort while running. 

A thick ortho-lite insole gives you a plush step-in feel with a soft, protective ride. In the outsole, a thick layer of rubber is placed strategically in areas susceptible to wear. This creates a tread design with diagonal lugs and flex grooves that provide some snaps during transitions. The rubber on the heel and a central triangle provide additional stability when touching the ground and save your energy while running. 

The Arahi 6 has a dense layer of EVA foam with a J-frame technology. This foam wraps the heel and provides extra support and stability throughout your gait cycle. This structure is best for recovery runs and longer distances. You can also run fast and get professional training with this shoe, as it’s highly tolerated. 

When your legs tire, the J-frame protects your joints and guides your feet. This is also a good fit for overpronators, as the foam includes a slightly high heel that smooths your ride with a more stable feel. 

To prevent any premature wear, 75% of the outsole is made of thick, dense rubber. It prevents wearing or tearing and provides a stiff grip on the surface. There are also some interlinking lugs in the forefoot and two flex grooves that brings flexibility. The outsole rubber covers up from heel to toe, making this shoe pro and stable. 

Winner: Both 

Upper Unit 

The upper unit of Clifton 8 is made of seamless engineered mesh, which is 100% vegan material. This isn’t padded overly, making it more breathable in the upper part. The toe box is also wide, giving enough room for your forefoot, and don’t let it suffocate in the heat. For a foot condition like Bunions, Metatarsalgia, or Hamer toe, this upper part of Clifton 8 is so appropriate. 

Some inner lining around the toe box also ensures your foot stays in the right place and prevents further wearing. You’ll have a gusseted tongue in the toe box that doesn’t move and is padded significantly to provide you soft, warm touch. It also has an extended heel collar that keeps your foot firmly in the right place, and the reflective detailing on both sides of the toe box makes this shoe visible in dark places. 

The Arahi 6 also has the same upper part of the engineered mesh. Like the Clifton 8, Arahi 6’s upper unit is breathable and has ample room in the toe box. There’s also a flared heel collar to keep your foot locked in. 

With this shoe, you will have laces bigger than Clifton 8’s, which is beneficial for additional eyelets. And the tongue is gusseted just like we saw in the Clifton 8 with nicely padded fabric. The reflective detailing is also here with the Arahi 6. 

Winner: Clifton 8 

Heel-to-Toe Drop 

Both these shoes have a similar heel-to-toe drop of 5 mm. It ensures perfect landing and running with these shoes and recovers any injured foot quickly. You can also find some Clifton 8 models consisting of 5.5 mm of heel-to-toe drop. 

Winner: Both 


Clifton 8 is known for its durability up to 500 miles. Despite its lightweight structure, you can easily have around 300-500 miles with this shoe. Arahi 6, in this case, is not that durable, but it’s a great choice for someone who’s recovering foot injury and buying this shoe for a particular purpose. 

Winner: Clifton 8 

Size and Fit 

Clifton 8 has the most comfortable upper with a secure lockdown that fits nicely with your feet. The gusseted tongue remains still on top of the forefoot, and the heel collar ensures stiff positioning. This shoe comes in true to size with other available options. 

Arahi 6, too, comes in true to size but with no options available. It has a normal to slightly snug fit, and its upper part can adapt to your feet size. The tongue is padded sufficiently to hold any size of feet you put in it. 

Winner: Arahi 6 

Running Performance 

With a soft, high stack, and flexible cushioning, Clifton 8 is an excellent running shoe with sufficient bounce and speed. If you’re buying this for daily running, we would say this is a wise choice. 

However, if you’re buying something for a quick run or other professional training, Arahi 6 is the appropriate shoe. It’s lighter and breathable than Clifton 8, which makes it the proper choice for intense running. 

Winner: Arahi 6 

Overall Opinion 

The Clifton 8 is soft and a trendy choice for daily running. Its heel drop and upper unit suit nicely with most feet and provide extended comfort in any condition. Severe foot injury will be healed by doing rehab wearing this shoe. But if you think you’re an overpronator or tend to run a bit faster, you can choose the Arahi 6. 

The structure that Arahi 6 has made it a pro footwear. Its upper unit is more breathable, and its heel collars are stiffer, making it appropriate for intense performances. But remember that Arahi 6’s structure also makes it less durable. 

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