The Great Shoe Size Trends: What’s the Average Size of Women’s Shoes?

The average size of American female Shoes is between 8.5 and 9. Data from the US National Shoe Retailers Association says that the most common shoe size for women in the U.S. is between a size 8 and a 9.

A study conducted by the College of Podiatric Medicine also found that the average shoe size for women has increased over time, with the average size being larger in the 2000s compared to the 1970s. Based on this research shows that the average foot size for American females has increased in recent years.

Average women's shoe size chart

The Most Sold size of Women’s Shoe

According to data from the market research company NPD Group, the most commonly sold shoe size is and the average size of female shoes is between 8.5 and 9.

In Europe, the most sold sizes for women’s shoes are between 36 and 40, with size 39 (equivalent to a US size 9) being the most popular.

Most customers don’t know about their feet size when they buy shoes, so they buy one that fits better.

They always choose to buy size 7 even though they need size 8. As we know the common shoe size in the USA is 8 and size 7 also fits better on their feet.

The study says the average woman’s Shoe size in the USA is 8.

What about the rest of the world?

What size do they use for their female citizens?

Let’s say you are going out of the USA and you had to buy some shoes for yourself. You must know what size they use to sell as small and large.

I have created a very detailed size table for you to easily understand what size you need if you visit Europe, UK, Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, and China.

I once visited Canada and saw a slight difference in the size of the shoes. For example, a female shoe size 7 in Canada is a shoe size 8 in the USA.

The Shoe size of a woman used in AfricaUKUSA, and Europe is completely the same.

But when you travel to any Asian country like Bahrain, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, or Maldives you’ll see they use 23 as the smallest size and 28 as large.

Similarly, China is also using different sizes to indicate their women’s shoe sizes. They use 35 as small size and 40 as largest.

I have done research on different shoe sizes of a woman in different parts of the world.

Here is a complete chart of women’s shoe sizes that includes continents and countries.

US SizeEuropeUKAsiaAfricaAustraliaCanadaChina

What Is the Average Shoe Size By Women Height?

According to unofficial data, for women who are between 54 and 57 inches in height, the average shoe size ranges between 6.5 and 9.5. For women who are 58 inches or taller, the average shoe size is reportedly between 9 and 13.

Here’s a very detailed chart showing the average shoe size for women based on height in Europe and Asia.

Height (ft & in)Average Shoe Size (US) – EuropeAverage Shoe Size (US) – Asia
< 5’4″65
5’4″ – 5’8″6.55.5
5’8″ – 6’0″76
6’0″ – 6’4″7.56.5
6’4″ – 6’8″87
> 6’8″8.57.5

Does Shoe Size Matter for a Woman?

Yes, it definitely matters for a woman to buy shoes that fit their feet size.

This means that the shoe should be the right length and width for your foot, and should not cause any discomfort or pain when worn even for an entire day.

Another reason why shoe size matter is because there are a lot of shoes for a lot of purposes.

For example, there are a variety of shoes suitable for various occasions, and obviously, party shoes that are tight on your feet and not comfortable will not be appropriate for a public meeting.

What is the Biggest Shoe Size for Women?

According to Wikipedia, in the UK and North America, the largest shoe size for women is considered to be a size 12, which is equivalent to a foot length of 30.5 cm or 12 inches.

According to a study conducted by shoe size guide Ecco, the largest size of shoes for women is determined by measuring the length of the foot from heel to toe and matching it with a shoe size chart to determine what size is best for them.

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How does pregnancy affect shoe size?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes some changes, including to her feet. Pregnancy is a beautiful, transformational time in her life, but it can also cause some physical changes.

Women’s feet can become more uncomfortable and unfit when they are pregnant because hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, and swelling can affect their shape and size.

Women may experience an increase in shoe size, while others may experience an increase in foot width or sensitivity. Pregnant women should understand how pregnancy affects their feet so that they can find footwear that supports their changing bodies when it comes to choosing footwear.

To do this, they need to know how to measure their feet during pregnancy and find shoes that cater to their new foot shape and size.

How to Measure Your Foot Size

I can also put this question why should someone measure their foot size? the answer is pretty simple. When you don’t know the correct size of your foot, you’ll end up buying the wrong size of shoe for yourself. Which will cause your feet to feel uncomfortable.

According to AOFAS88% of women are wearing the wrong size shoe because they never measured their foot size. This makes them feel guilty after a certain time and they think they should buy a size bigger.

Measuring Your Shoe Size: What you’ll Need

  •   Measurement tape or ruler
  •   Two large sheets of paper
  •   A Pen
  •   Chair

When measuring your foot, it is important to ensure that the paper stays in place while you trace the outline of your foot.

To do this, simply stick the paper to the floor before starting the process. Start by sitting on a chair and placing your foot firmly on the paper.

Make sure to hold the pen perpendicular to the paper, as this will give you an accurate outline of your foot.

Trace the outline of your foot, being careful not to move the paper. Repeat this process with the other foot, noting that there may be slight differences between the two.

Once you have traced both feet, measure the length of your foot from the tip of your heel to the longest toe. Additionally, measure the width of your foot at the broadest point.

Write these measurements down, and then subtract ¼ of an inch or about ½ of a centimeter from both the length and the width measurements. You can then use a conversion chart to find your exact shoe size based on these measurements.

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