Brooks Ghost 14 Vs Hoka Bondi 7: Things to Know Before Buying

If you have been looking around for training shoes, you have probably narrowed down your list to Brooks Ghost 13 and Hoka Bondi 7. Undoubtedly, both are astounding choices, but they do have their own subtle differences.

Brooks Ghosts fit more “average” feet, while Hoka Bondis are known for their soft cushioning but may flatten out after 200 miles of use.

In terms of durability and fit, I prefer the Brooks Ghost 14, whereas the Hoka Bondi 7 has a wider toe box and better cushioning.

Grab a pair of Brooks Ghost 14 if you are into extreme workouts, but for casual exercise and everyday usage, don’t hesitate to consider Hoka Bondi 7.

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Brooks Ghost 14 Vs Hoka Bondi 7

Both of these shoes are top-selling in the market. While Brooks Ghost 14 tends to be more robust, Hoka Bondi 7 is priced more reasonably. Let’s check out more differences below.

Brooks Ghost 14Hoka Bondi 7
Sole UnitDurable but a bit sturdier insole compared to other daily trainersSofter insoles 
Upper UnitLaced security Breathable material
DurabilityOutsole durability is above average compared to other daily trainers (500 miles)Slightly less durable compared to other options (400 miles)
Overall OpinionHardcore exerciseCasual exercise

Sole Unit

The sole unit of the shoe is basically the part that determines not only the comfort but also the longevity of the shoe as well. The quality of sole unit’s build material has to be soft, sturdy, and robust.

At this point, both Brooks Ghost 13 and Hoka Bondi 7 focus on different things. While Brooks Ghost 14 aims at making the shoe more durable, Hoka Bondi emphasizes infusing more comfort in their shoes.

In other words, Ghost 14 has a sturdy insole that is more durable compared to other soft options. On the other hand, Bondi 7 is made of softer insoles that feel way more comfortable during long hours of training but do not appear to be as premium as Ghost 14.

Despite everything, I would grab Ghost 14 for my everyday usage. Its sturdiness is a huge plus and though it’s comparatively less comfortable, it’s not half as bad. In fact, in the long run, I don’t even notice if the shoes are feeling a bit hard or not. In other words, I don’t mind compensating a bit of comfort for durability.

Upper Unit

Similar to the sole unit, the upper unit to determine how comfortable the shoe will feel while keeping them on the go. This part also gives the shoe its primary security. Here too, both Ghost 14 and Bondi 7 contrast sharply. The Ghost 14 has a laced upper unit whose structure and build give it a robust quality.

Having a laced upper unit protects your feet during heavy movement and prolonged usage. The upper unit here is also a bit air-tight. Thanks to such an upper unit, I could comfortably get along with my daily activity even when the temperature was below 0 degrees. It’s an unmatched shoe for winter.

But I would pick up a pair of Bondi 7 in the summer season. Its breathable upper unit offers just the right amount of airflow. I had a pair on for almost an hour and my feet didn’t even get wet.

The breathable material here maintains humidity and sustains moisture at the right level. However, Bondi 7 did not feel as secure as Ghost 14, but the difference was not that significant. I could easily get my basic workouts done with Bondi 7.


A shoe’s build quality and materials are used to determine its longevity. Usually, a shoe with a sturdier build lasts longer compared to a shoe with softer materials. Though it’s not true for all cases, it certainly fits the description of Ghost 14 and Bondi 7.

In the case of a shoe’s durability, it is the outsole’s durability that counts. It’s the part that endures the most pressure and a shoe is usable as long as the outsole is intact. Ghost 14 is more durable compared to Bondi 7. While Ghost 14 can last for 500 miles run, the slightly less durable Bondi 7 will accompany you for 400 miles.

Though you might think that the 100 miles difference is huge, it’s actually not. If you are a casual user like me, I would recommend getting Bondi 7. I prioritize my comfort as all I’ll be doing is casual exercises. But if you are into hardcore sports or workouts, go for Ghost 14. It might not be as comfortable, but it’s convenient enough to get you months of constant support.

Overall Opinion

I personally like Hoka Bondi 7. It’s comfortable, convenient, and comparatively cheaper. These features make it an ideal option for casual usage. Although Bondi 7 often felt less secure, it was never an issue with me as I didn’t perform any heavy action while wearing them.

However, if you are planning to have them on for a prolonged duration and are thinking of putting them through rough workout sessions, grab a pair of Ghost 14. Their sturdy build will help you stay in shape.

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