Brooks Ghost 15 Vs 14: The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Right Running Shoe  

Brooks Ghost 15 and 14 are both carbon-neutral shoes with a soft and smooth ride. To me, the Ghost 15 is much softer and lighter than the Ghost 14. I like the Ghost 15 because it is more comfortable and faster. And the Ghost 14’s capability for long runs and hills really impresses me on marathons. 

Brooks Ghost 15 Vs 14

Who Should Buy Brooks Ghost 15 and 14?

Brooks Ghost 15 is for heel strikers who want comfort and lockdown for slow and moderate runs. And if you want a perfect shoe that suits any runs and terrain, Ghost 14 would be a perfect choice. 

Who Should Not Buy Brooks Ghost 15 Vs 14?

Runners who prefer a lower drop, a bouncy ride, or a lighter shoe may not like the Brooks Ghost 15 and 14.  

First Impression

At a first glance, both Brooks Ghost 15 and 14 looked like high-quality running shoes that would suit any runner. I liked the variety of colors and patterns that they came in. I wondered how they would feel on my feet.

They felt great when I tried them on. The shoes have a breathable and supportive upper mesh that wraps around my foot nicely. They also had a classic fit that worked well for my foot shape and size. I was excited to see how they would perform on the road.

Running in them was awesome. The cushioning of the Brooks Ghost 15 was softer and lighter, while the Brooks Ghost 14 had a firmer and heavier sole. A better outsole that gave me more grip and flexibility on the road was featured in the Brooks Ghost 15. The Brooks Ghost 14, on the other hand, had a simpler outsole that gave me a more durable and stable feel on the road.

I loved running in both shoes, but I favored the Brooks Ghost 15 because it was more comfortable and bouncy.

Upper Mesh 

The Brooks Ghost 15 and 14 feature an engineered air mesh that allows the flow of air through the upper and keeps my feet cool and dry. The upper also features a 3D Fit Print technology that adds structure and support to the shoe without increasing its weight.

Although they are similar, I prefer one over the other. The Brooks Ghost 15 has a padded tongue and heel collar that hug my foot and make me feel cozy. Additionally, the upper is seamless, which prevents blisters and hot spots from occurring. As for the Brooks Ghost 14, the tongue and heel collar are less plush and more durable. The upper has some seams and overlays that may irritate my skin at times.

These shoes have a similar fit. They both have a classic fit, which is ideal for many foot shapes and sizes. They are available in three widths: medium, wide, and narrow. I have a medium-width foot, so the shoes fit well for me. I do, however, enjoy the Brooks Ghost 15’s slightly more roomy toe box, as it allows my toes to move more freely than the Brooks Ghost 14.

Sole Unit 

After running in both the Brooks Ghost 15 and 14 for a few weeks, I can tell that the sole unit of these shoes is different. The Brooks Ghost 15 has a new midsole foam: DNA Loft v2. It is lighter and softer than the original DNA Loft in the Brooks Ghost 14.

This new foam gives the Brooks Ghost 15 more comfort and bounce. The heel area is especially impressive. It cushions my landing and propels me forward with every step. The outsole design is also improved. The Brooks Ghost 15 has more rubber and deeper grooves than the 14. This enhances the grip and flexibility of the shoe. 

The Brooks Ghost 14, on the other hand, has a simpler outsole. It has less rubber and shallower grooves. It feels firmer and less grippy, but also more durable and stable. Both shoes have a high drop of 12 mm. I don’t mind it, but some runners might prefer a lower drop. However, it feels more natural. 


Overall, for daily training at moderate to slow paces, the Brooks Ghost 15 and 14 are great choices. These shoes are comfortable and versatile. They can handle different running workouts, from easy jogs to fast runs. Plus, they are eco-friendly and carbon-neutral.

However, I think the Brooks Ghost 15 may be better than the Brooks Ghost 14 because it has lighter and more responsive cushioning, tighter and stable upper, and more recycled content. 

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