Brooks Glycerin Vs Glycerin Gts: Which One Is Right For You 

For long and easy runs, the Brooks Glycerin and Glycerin GTS are soft and smooth trainers. They feature a DNA Loft midsole, a rubber outsole, and a breathable mesh upper. 

Brooks Glycerin Vs Glycerin Gts

Who Should Buy Glycerin and Glycerin Gts?

The Brooks Glycerin is for neutral runners who want a soft and smooth trainer. And if you’re an overpronator, the glycerin GTS will be best for you as it’s a stable and supportive trainer. 

Who Should Not Buy Glycerin and Glycerin Gts?

The Glycerin is not for runners who need stability, and the Glycerin GTS is not for those who dislike guide rails.

First Impression

Last year, I sampled the Brooks Glycerin and Glycerin GTS models and they rocked my world with their comfort and responsiveness.

A cushy and cozy ride is what the Brooks Glycerin has as a neutral shoe. They wrap my foot without squeezing them with their gentle and airy mesh upper. From heel to toe, I can glide and bounce with the DNA Loft foam that makes up their midsole. On various grounds, the tough rubber of their outsole sticks well. These shoes made me feel like I was flying on clouds and it was awesome for long runs and chill days.

The Brooks Glycerin GTS boosts the support and structure of the Glycerin as a stability shoe. It shares the same upper and midsole with the Glycerin, but it also adds a GuideRails system that softly steers your foot into the right position and stops extra movement.

Both shoes were ideal for me when I wanted some more stability and safety, especially on bumpy terrain or when I was worn out. They still feel tender and lively but with more grip and trust. I would suggest them to anyone looking for top-notch running shoes that can deal with any distance or speed. 

Upper Mesh 

The upper mesh of the Brooks Glycerin and Glycerin GTS is very similar when it comes to fit, feel, and function. Both of them have a soft and flexible material that adapts to my foot shape and size perfectly. They also have a breathable and airy design that keeps my feet cool and dry. Their seamless and smooth design avoids friction and irritation on my skin. The shoes have padded tongues and collars that provide extra comfort and support around my ankle and instep as well.

The only difference I noticed between the upper mesh of the Brooks Glycerin and Glycerin GTS is their appearance. The Brooks Glycerin has a more sleek and simple look, while the Brooks Glycerin GTS contains a more textured and detailed look. The Brooks Glycerin has a single-layer mesh that is smooth and uniform. On the other hand, the Brooks Glycerin GTS has a double-layer mesh that has some ridges and patterns. Also, the Brooks Glycerin has a more neutral and solid color scheme, while the Brooks Glycerin GTS has a more vibrant and contrasted color scheme. 

I prefer the Brooks Glycerin for its more minimalist and elegant look, but I also like the upper mesh of the Brooks Glycerin GTS. I think the Brooks Glycerin matches my style better. However, I also appreciate the Brooks Glycerin GTS for its more dynamic and expressive look. I think both shoes have a great upper mesh that can suit different preferences and moods.

Sole Unit 

Both the Brooks Glycerin and Glycerin GTS have a sole unit that delivers a smooth and responsive ride. It consists of a midsole and an outsole that work in harmony to cushion and propel your feet. The midsole is made of DNA Loft foam, a soft and cushioned material that absorbs shock and returns energy. Meanwhile, the outsole is made of durable rubber that provides traction and durability on various surfaces.

If I have to point out a difference, it’s in the GuideRails system that the Glycerin GTS has but the Brooks Glycerin does not. This system adds stability and support by using a pair of plastic rails that run along the sides of the midsole. They gently guide the foot into proper alignment and prevent excess movement. The GuideRails system is ideal for runners who need some extra stability and protection, especially on uneven terrain or when they are feeling fatigued.

Both shoes have a great sole unit that delivers a plush and bouncy ride. Their DNA Loft foam is soft and springy and cushions my feet well. The rubber outsole also provides a good grip on different surfaces. When I run with the Glycerin GTS, I like how the GuideRails system keeps me in good alignment and prevents excessive movement. 

On the other hand, when I run with the Glycerin, I enjoy the feeling of freedom and flexibility without the GuideRails system. I find both shoes to be versatile and adaptable, depending on what kind of run I am aiming for.


The Brooks Glycerin and Glycerin GTS are both excellent max-cushioned trainers that offer a smooth and responsive ride. Both shoes have a comfortable and breathable upper, a soft and springy midsole, and a durable and grippy outsole. They are suitable for different occasions and preferences, depending on what kind of run you want to have. 

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