Brooks Launch Vs Ghost: Overall Comparison Between Ghost 15 & Launch 9

Brooks is a veteran brand with a lot of innovation and variety. Ghost and Launch are the brands’ prominent series with a simple and sustainable approach. Both produce great shoes for different runners: Ghost 15 and Launch 9 are just a few examples of that. 

Brooks has the Launch 9, a fast and light shoe for speedsters. Ghost has the Ghost 15, a soft and smooth shoe for cruisers. The Launch 9 has bouncy foam and a cool mesh, while the Ghost 15 has plush foam and a green design. But which one can be the perfect match? Let’s find it below. 

Brooks Ghost 15

Brooks Launch 9

Who Should Buy Brooks Launch and Ghost?

Choose the Brooks Launch 9 and feel the speed and lightness of its springy foam and airy mesh. It’s a steal at $110 and it will last you for miles and miles.

You can read Brooks Levitate 5 Vs Ghost 14 review to consider Levitate if you want to be run for longer.

Or if you want to run with comfort and care, pick the Ghost 15 and enjoy the softness and smoothness of its cushy foam and eco-friendly design. It’s a treat at $130 and it will adapt to any pace and distance.

Who Should Not Buy Brooks Launch and Ghost?

I wouldn’t recommend the Brooks Launch 9 if you’re into speedy shoes or saving money. It’s a decent shoe for different runs, but it doesn’t have much oomph and it’s a bit overpriced for what it offers.

The same goes for Ghost 15 if you’re into firm and fast shoes or have wide feet. No doubt, it’s a cozy and smooth shoe for long runs, but it doesn’t have much zip and it runs small and tight.

Or if you can’t decide between these 2 shoes, Read Brooks Trace Vs Ghost comparison review to make a precise decision.

First Impression: Brook Ghost 15 vs Launch 9

The Launch 9 and the Ghost 15 caught my eye with their flashy and bold hues. They seemed to say: come on, let’s go for a run and have some fun. I was eager to slip them on and see how they rocked.

I have also compared the Ghost 15 with the Ghost 14 to see how it perform with its own series.

The Launch 9 was a blast. It was so feather-light and breezy that it felt like nothing on my foot. It had a springy foam that gave me a kick with every stride. It felt like I was running on air.

Also, the Ghost 15 was a delight. It was so cushy and snug. It had a squishy foam that buffered me from the pavement. It felt like I was running on marshmallows.

I was amazed by both shoes and how they thrilled me. They were both comfy and smooth but in their own ways. Nonetheless, they have different vibes and perks.

Brook launch 9 overall shoe preview

Upper Mesh: Brook Ghost 15 vs Launch 9

The Ghost 15 had a 3D Fit Print upper mesh. It molded to my foot shape and gave me a snug and secure fit. I liked the padded tongue and heel collar that cushioned my foot and made me feel pampered.

Even though these shoes are offering better grip, Brooks 15 and Adrenaline GTS 22 offers BioMoGo DNA midsole and GuideRails Holistic Support System which is very helpful.

On the other hand, the Launch 9 had an Air Mesh upper mesh that felt like a cool breeze for my foot. It kept my foot cool and dry and gave me a sleek and fast fit. I also liked the soft internal bootie that hugged my foot and made me feel cozy.

Both shoes had a traditional lace-up closure and a roomy toe box that allowed me to adjust the fit and have enough space for my toes. But the Launch 9 was a bit small and narrow for my foot, so I had to size up more than usual. The Ghost 15 fit me more true-to-size. 

Brook ghost 15 overall shoe preview

Sole Unit: Brook Ghost 15 vs Launch 9

The Ghost 15 has a midsole made of only DNA Loft v2, which gives it a smooth and soft ride. This midsole is good for both medium or long-distance runs and shorter, faster runs because of its versatility.

I liked how comfortable and stable it felt on different terrains and paces. It was easy to switch from a slow jog to a fast sprint without losing cushioning or responsiveness.

After this review, i ordered Brook 13 and 14 to see how the sole units were made, here’s the full comparison between 13 and 14.

The Launch 9 has a BioMogo foam, which is firmer than the DNA Loft v2 and needs some time to break in. It’s mostly flat and has some responsiveness in the heel where there is exposed foam. This midsole is better for fast-paced runs under 5 minutes per kilometer.

I found it to be more suitable for speedwork and racing than for daily training. It was light and snappy but also a bit stiff and narrow for my liking.

Both shoes have outsoles made of soft rubber that have good traction but not much durability. The Launch 9 has a lower heel drop than the Ghost 15: 10mm vs 12mm. I didn’t notice much difference in the heel drop. 

Brooks Trace Vs Ghost

Overall Opinion

Finally, all I’m going to say is, The Ghost 15 is an eco-friendly shoe with recycled materials with a new sidewall geometry for improved transition. And the only specialty of Launch 9 is it has a creel wrap upper that keeps your feet cool in hot weather. 

Except for these, all are quite the same. You can choose based on your preference and you’ll not be disappointed.  If you want to try something more better tha Ghost 15, here’s an review between Ghost 15 and Glycerin 20.

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