Brooks Levitate Vs Ghost: Know The Differences

The Brooks Levitate 5 and Ghost 14 are one of those many shoes I love. They are springy and comfy, but different. The Levitate 5 is fiery and bouncy, and the Ghost 14 is watery and plush. 

They have different uppers, outsoles, midsoles, and drops as well. The Levitate 5 has a GTS version which is its advantage. These shoes appear in many colors and styles and cost around $150 each. 

Who Should Buy?

You should buy the Levitate 5 if you like a firmer and bouncier shoe that returns energy and helps run faster. And the Ghost 14 will be perfect if you like a softer and plusher shoe with comfort and versatility for any pace and distance.

Brooks Ghost 14

Brooks Levitate 5

Who Should Not Buy?

If you want a more stable shoe, you should not buy Ghost 14. And the Levitate 5 will not good for you if you want something lighter. 

First Impression: Levitate 5 Vs Ghost 14

When I first tried on the Brooks Levitate and Ghost 14, I felt like I was stepping into two different worlds. The Levitate was like a rocket launcher, propelling me forward with every stride. The Ghost 14 was like a cloud, cushioning me softly with every landing. Both shoes were comfortable and supportive, but they had distinct personalities.

The Levitate was more lively and energetic, giving me a springy and bouncy feel. It had a DNA AMP midsole, which was a special foam that captured and returned my energy.

It also had a knit upper that was breathable and flexible. Its rubber outsole was durable and grippy. The Levitate was a shoe that made me feel fast and powerful, and it motivated me to run harder and longer.

The Ghost 14 was calmer and more relaxed, offering me a smooth and plush ride. It had a DNA LOFT midsole with a soft foam that absorbed the shock and provided comfort.

It also had a mesh upper, which was lightweight and adaptable, and a segmented crash pad with a cushioned area that smoothed out transitions. The Ghost 14 was a shoe that made me feel comfortable and versatile, and it allowed me to run at any pace and distance.

I enjoyed running in both shoes. But I choose the Levitate for when I wanted to push myself and feel the thrill of speed. The Ghost 14 was for when I wanted to take it easy and enjoy the scenery. Both shoes were great companions for my running journey, but they had different ways of making me happy.

Brook ghost 14 Preview

Upper Mesh: Levitate 5 Vs Ghost 14

When I put on the Brooks Levitate 5 and Ghost 14, I feel like I’m wearing two different kinds of socks. The Levitate 5 is like a cozy woolen sock that hugs my foot and keeps it warm.

The Ghost 14 is like a thin cotton sock that lets my foot breathe and stay cool. Both socks are comfortable and supportive, but they have different personalities.

The Levitate 5 is more lively and energetic, making me want to bounce and run. It has a knit upper that stretches and molds to my foot shape. It also has small holes that let some air in and out. The Levitate 5 has no seams that can rub or irritate my skin.

It comes in two versions: a standard circular knit that is soft and thick, and a StealthFit knit that is lighter and sleeker. The StealthFit version also has a loop at the back that makes it easy to slip on and off.

The Ghost 14 is more calm and more relaxed, making me want to glide and cruise. It has a mesh upper that moves and flexes with my foot motion.

It also has larger openings that let more air in and out. The Ghost 14 has some overlays that give it some structure and durability. It has a smooth and seamless design that looks elegant and sophisticated.

Both shoes have a padded tongue and collar that cushion and protect my foot. They also have laces that let me adjust the fit to my liking. Another amazing thing is their reflective details that make me visible in the dark.

Sole Unit: Levitate 5 Vs Ghost 14

The Levitate 5 is more fiery and dynamic, making me want to blaze and dash. It has a DNA AMP midsole that sparks and returns my energy. It also has a rubber outsole that burns and lasts.

The shoe has an 8 mm drop, which is the difference in height between the heel and the toe of the spell. It also has an arrow-point pattern on the outsole, which helps me move swiftly from heel to toe, amplifying the spell’s fiery feel.

Now let’s talk about Ghost 14. It’s more watery and serene It has a DNA LOFT midsole that splashes and provides comfort. It also has a rubber outsole that flows and endures.

The Ghost 14 has a 12 mm drop, which is higher than the Levitate 5. The Ghost 14 also has a segmented crash pad on the outsole, which softens and smooths out the waves, enhancing the spell’s watery ride.

Final Opinion

The Brooks Levitate 5 and Ghost 14 are both great running shoes from the same brand, but they have different features and characteristics that may suit different runners.

Depending on your preferences, goals, and running style, you may choose one or the other, or even both. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these shoes, as they are both durable, stylish, and high-quality.

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