Clove Vs. Hoka: Viewpoint of a Nurse

In terms of durability, Hoka won the competition against Clove. Though Clove shoes are not particularly cushioned, however, they are highly recommended for their quality and sharps resistance.

Hoka Clifton 9 (Best for walking & standing all day)

Clove Women’s Classic (Best for healthcare workers)

In this article, we will compare the running shoes offered by two popular brands Clove and Hoka. They are good, comfortable, and most helpful to the feet. Each of these lineups comes with a few special features that the other one lacks. 

Hoka Bondi 8 (Best Alternative)

UMYOGO (Cheapest Shoe)

So stick till the end to clear all the air of confusion.

Sole Unit

Support, cushioning, and stability- are the factors that define if a running shoe is good or not. And, the sole unit plays the biggest role in confirming these matters.


A patented design of their sole unit makes the Clove shoes stand out. They are designed to provide support where it’s needed most. 

Its unique pattern helps distribute pressure evenly across the foot. Which helps reduce impact and improve balance. Thus making them ideal for long-distance running. 

If you are keen on hiking, jogging, running, and a lot of physical activity then Clove shoe’s sole unit will be a big help. These soles will ensure balanced movement, comfort, and absolute safety.


On the other hand, Hoka has designed these soles to provide maximum cushioning and stability. 

Their shoes are known for their exceptional cushioning and support. These soles are thick and very good at absorbing impact and reducing stress on the body. 

This helps runners stay comfortable and injury-free. They also reduce stress for those spending a lot of time standing on their feet. 

The cushioning that this sole unit brings makes Hoka shoes an excellent choice for runners who need extra support.

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Upper Unit

The upper unit of a running shoe is responsible for providing support, protection, and a comfortable fit. 


A design that wraps around the foot and provides excellent support. This line explains the Cloves shoes very efficiently. These shoes feature an upper unit that is customizable to fit each individual foot. 

This makes them a great choice for runners with unique foot shapes or who need specific support in certain areas.

Its upper units are also made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Making them a great choice for runners who prioritize sustainability. 

It also features slip-resistant and water-resistant properties. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals who work in environments that require standing for long periods. Such as in restaurants or healthcare settings. 


In contrast, the upper unit of Hoka shoes is made with strong components. Which makes the shoe very invincible against outdoor hazards. 

This makes Hoka shoes ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and trail running. Where rugged terrain and uneven surfaces can quickly wear down other shoes.

Additionally, these upper units are designed with breathable and durable materials. They offer a comfortable fit and help to keep the feet dry and cool. Which can help reduce sweat and odor. 

This makes them perfect for indoor usage for walkers, restaurants water, and health care professionals.


Durability is an essential factor to consider when choosing running shoes. In this sense, both Clove and Hoka shoes give each other a hard time winning.

While Clove shoes are designed with durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use, the Hoka shoes are built to last.


Clove shoes are designed with durability in mind. Its high-quality materials and design elements help the shoes withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear.

The construction materials include a soft and breathable fabric. Which is a combination of both synthetic and natural fiber. Together they create a strong material that for a mere shoe, last way longer than expected.


On the contrary, Hoka shoes are made of synthetic fabrics, mesh, and a durable rubber outsole. 

Combined together they make shoes that withstand the rigors of long-distance running and outdoor activities. In addition to that, its strong stitching and high-quality design factors add an extra layer. Which makes them last very long.

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Hoka vs clove

Overall Opinion

After all these discussions- here comes the obvious question. Which one is the winner? Is it Clove or Hoka?

Well, they both win at different sections. None of them can objectively be winners in all sections. Both brands thrive in different aspects.


Clover and Hoka clearly have distinctive appearances. Clove designs are very conventional but Hoka in this case is very unique.

So, Hoka is the winner of this section undoubtedly.


Though inherently different, in the case of construction materials- both shoes are made of strong synthetic fibers.

As none of them have compromised with their material quality- this section has them both as winners.


Clove and Hoka both are durable. 

However, the users have reported Hoka to last longer than Clove. Well, it should be, Hoka has worked a lot on both their sole and upper unit.

So, Hoka is our winner for durability. 


Clove shoes are designed to be customizable, eco-friendly, and provide excellent support. While Hoka shoes offer exceptional cushioning, breathability, and durability. 

So consequently, Hoka wins the race for comfort. But, Clove wins the race of excellent track support.

Final Words

Hoka and Clove- both bring an excellent array of shoes. The price doesn’t exceed the roof, without ever compromising quality.

Let it be Hoka or Clove- choosing the right kind of shoe is essential for any given purpose. 

Whatever it may be for running or casual usage, set your priorities right. Then cross match with the features we have discussed n this article. This way you can make an informed decision.

So, go and get the shoe that performs the best for you.

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