Does Hoka Make Kid’s Shoes?

No, Hoka does not make any shoes for Kids and there is no information available on whether Hoka plans to release a line of kids’ shoes in the future.

While they offer a range of running shoes for adults, there is no mention of any upcoming releases for children.

Hoka makes various types of shoes, including running shoes, hiking shoes, and walking shoes. The smallest size of Hoka shoes to be worn in the US is 5. And that’s the end of the Debate of whether Hoka makes shoes for kids or not.

Why doesn’t HOKA make Shoes for Kids?

HOKA does not make shoes for kids because their shoes are designed with the adult foot in mind. Kids’ feet are still growing and developing, so their feet need different types of support and cushioning than those of an adult.

HOKA focuses on designing shoes for adults, and they prefer to leave the design of kids’ shoes to other companies.

Does HOKA have any plans to make Shoes for Kids?

No, HOKA does not have plans to make shoes for kids in the near future. The company is currently working on its range of Running shoes that are specifically designed for Adults and Professionals.

HOKA is a French brand that specializes in Running shoes, but also offers a selection of shoes for Hiking, Trail Running, Road Running, and even Walking but never publicly said they will make shoes for Kids.

HOKA is only committed to providing athletes with the best possible footwear to help them reach their goals.

what is the smallest shoe size available in Hoka’s current lineup?

The smallest shoe size available in Hoka’s current lineup is Women’s US size 4. The average kid needs the size listed below:

  • 5 years: 12.5C
  • 6 years: 13.5C
  • 7 years: 1Y

And since there’s no “C” size available in Hoka’s lineup, its clear that Hoka does not make shoes for Kids.

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