Hoka Bondi X Review: Everyday Walking Shoe, Best For Flat Surface

The Hoka One One Bondi X is a cushioned and comfortable running shoe that offers a smooth ride and a stylish look. Its upper mesh is breathable and colorful, with subtle branding and reflective details.

And the shoe is eye-catching and popular among runners who appreciate its softness and durability.

Who Should Buy?

You should buy this shoe if you want a max-cushioned trainer with a carbon plate for long-distance running and recovery.

Who Should Not Buy?

Those who need pure softness underfoot shouldn’t approach buying this shoe. 

Hoka bondi x shoe preview

First Impression

A couple of years ago, I tried the Hoka Bondi X for the first time. It was awesome. Feeling like a superhero, I slipped them on. They were like soft and fluffy clouds on my feet. My foot was hugged by the upper mesh with a cozy and breathable fit.

Around my ankle, the heel collar is wrapped with a plush and supportive cushion. The shoes looked massive and heavy, but they were surprisingly light and agile. I couldn’t wait to test them out, so I laced them up and went for a long run.

Running with these shoes was amazing. I felt a springy boost and smoothness to my stride from the carbon-fiber plate. My landing was softened and cushioned by the EVA foam. An Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry in the sole unit made the transition from heel to toe effortless and efficient. I also felt secure and confident with these shoes.

My foot was aligned and prevented from any wobbling or twisting by the wide and curved heel. My neutral foot type was fit and prevented any arch pain or strain by the moderate arch support. They were perfect for long-distance running. Throughout the run, my feet felt comfortable and protected.

These shoes also lasted a long time. The rubber outsole gripped the ground well on various terrains, from asphalt to gravel. It had reinforced areas on the heel and forefoot that made the shoes resistant to wear and tear. The sole unit maintained its shape and cushioning after many miles of running. The upper mesh was tough and easy to clean. It didn’t retain any bad odors or stains, even after sweating a lot.

How these shoes looked was another thing that I loved. A sleek and colorful look matched the rest of the shoe. Subtle Hoka branding on the sides and tongue, in a contrasting color, added some flair. Reflective details for visibility in low-light conditions, such as silver stripes on the heel and toe cap, were also present. Not only for running but also for casual occasions, I loved wearing these eye-catching shoes. 

Upper Mesh 

One of the aspects that impressed me the most about the Hoka Bondi X was the upper mesh. It used a special material called 3D Hotmelt yarns, which made the shoe lighter and more breathable. The mesh felt soft and smooth on my skin, and it didn’t cause any chafing or rubbing.

The shoe also fits me very well thanks to the upper mesh. It conformed to the shape of my foot and provided a comfortable and secure lockdown. My toes had enough room to splay naturally in the spacious toe box, while my midfoot was snug and stable. The heel counter was well-cushioned and supportive, and it held my heel in place without digging into my Achilles.

Another plus point of the upper mesh was its durability. It resisted abrasion and tearing, and it kept its shape and elasticity after many miles of running. It was also easy to clean and dry, and it didn’t retain any bad odors or stains. The upper mesh looked as good as new even after months of use.

The upper mesh also had a sleek and colorful appearance that matched the rest of the shoe. It had subtle Hoka branding on the sides and tongue, and reflective details for visibility in low-light conditions. It was a stylish and eye-catching shoe that drew many compliments and questions from other runners.

Hoka Bondi X

Sole Unit 

Running in the Hoka Bondi X was a pleasure, especially because of the sole unit. It featured a carbon-fiber plate in the midsole that made it more responsive and propulsive. I felt a noticeable bounce under my forefoot, which helped me run faster and longer.

The plate also worked well with the soft EVA foam, which cushioned my landing and reduced the impact on my joints. The transition from heel to toe was smoother and more efficient thanks to the Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry of the sole unit.

The sole unit also impressed me with its stability and support. It had a wide and curved heel that guided my foot forward and prevented any wobbling or twisting. The arch support was moderate and suited my neutral foot type. The sole unit helped me avoid overpronation and injury, which was important for my long-distance training. It gave me comfort and protection for my feet.

Another thing that I liked about the sole unit was its durability. The rubber outsole gripped the ground well and didn’t slip or slide on different surfaces. It also had reinforced areas on the heel and forefoot that resisted wear and tear. The sole unit maintained its shape and cushioning after many miles of running.

The design of the sole unit was also attractive. It had a chunky and curvy shape that gave it a distinctive look. The colors were vibrant and contrasted with the upper mesh. There were also Hoka logos on the sides and back of the heel. It was a unique and eye-catching shoe that stood out from the crowd.


The Hoka Bondi X is a comfy and speedy shoe that has everything you need for running. It’s soft, breathable, durable, and grippy. It works for any distance and pace. I loved running in this shoe and felt awesome. You’ll love it too! 

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