Hoka Clifton Edge Review: For Your Endless Running Sessions

Hoka Clifton Edge is built to give you the smoothest experience. It has Hoka’s signature lightweight cushioning, offering soft landings and perfect traction on almost all types of surfaces. I would prefer to have these shoes on for rough movements. Its aggressive design is equipped with a V-shaped mudguard and toe protector.

The light and breathable mesh material of the shoe makes it not only durable but also very flexible. Overall, the shoe provides convenience along with comfort. Unfortunately, it’s not the most durable shoe you can get at this price point. But despite everything, you won’t regret your choice if you purchase a pair of Hoka Clifton Edge.

Hoka Clifton Edge Review

Who Should Buy? 

The Hoka Clifton Edge has an impossibly lightweight and flexible texture, making it a perfect choice for running. Whether you’re a runner looking for a stable ride or searching for a shoe with a breathable upper, this shoe is perfect for you. The abundant cushioning will provide comfort, while the shoe’s construction offers durable flexibility.

Who Should Not Buy? 

I would not recommend the Hoka Clifton Edge to you if you are looking for a shoe with a minimalist design. This shoe may disappoint you if you want a basic-looking shoe because, in that case, the Clifton Edge may appear too glossy. It’s also not suitable for those with heel problems. If you have an aching heel, don’t expect to feel comfortable with its noticeably high heel. Finally, this shoe is not for you if you want to purchase a shoe that will last for the next 2 years since it is not very durable. 

First Impression

The moment I slipped my foot into the Hoka Clifton Edge, I could not help but notice just how comfortable it feels. The midsole is soft and plush with tons of cushioning. In my limited usage of this shoe, I realized that this cushioning will be great for absorbing shock during my runs and jumps. I could literally feel my foot sinking into the midsole just a little bit, offering me a sense of support and stability. But, to be honest, I am a bit concerned about this unusually soft sole, as it may become a source of pain for those with heel issues.

I also noticed that the heel of the shoe is slightly elevated, which added a lot to my performance in running. I got a bit of extra support, and this extra bit of heel helped me to land on my midfoot rather than my heel. The midfoot of the shoe feels snug, which worked out great for me because I have narrow feet.

My feet remained in perfect session throughout my workout session, thanks, particularly to the breathable mesh material, which offered sufficient ventilation during my runs. During my run, I also noticed that the sole is comparatively thicker, which didn’t feel immediately noticeable, but certainly feels abnormal. Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to get used to the thick sole. In fact, I am happy about this thick sole because I personally think it will absorb most of the pressure during running and jumping, saving my joints from strains.

Overall, these shoes feel light and secure, which is significant for me because I prefer running at a fast pace. For these reasons, I am quite satisfied with the Hoka Clifton Edge. They are comfortable, supportive, and responsive. Although I am not very confident about the durability, they didn’t fail to satisfy me until now. 

Upper Mesh

The Hoka Clifton Edge has a uniquely engineered mesh upper with TPU-embossed yarn for targeted areas of support and stretch. In simpler words, it has the right kind of material in the right spots. This offers a flexible and convenient experience with the shoe. Thanks to the outstanding flexibility, you won’t have any problems sliding your feet into this shoe and having them comfortably fit inside.

There’s also a high-performance hold on the foot with the gusseted tongue and padded heel collar. This overall design promises an astoundingly comfortable fit. I felt incomparable comfort with this pair of shoes.

The best thing about the upper mesh of this shoe is its breathability. It allows sufficient ventilation for all kinds of situations. Whether you are running or doing a heavy workout, the upper mesh will always keep your feet dry and comfortable.

However, this high breathability can be a drawback as well. Don’t wear these shoes in snowy or rainy weather. The Hoka Clifton Edge won’t protect your feet in such situations.  

Sole Unit

The Hoka Clifton Edge features a unique foam that is amazing in both quality and structure. It’s lighter than other options and it’s thick to the perfect amount. Simply put, it has the lightness of foam and sturdiness of a premium shoe.

This sole unit has protected my feet from all kinds of pressure. Thanks to the soft and bouncy sole, my feet got less tired with prolonged exercise. I could run for ages and my feet would still have strength only because the sole unit has protected the soles of my feet from strains and pressures.

The thick sole unit also allows the shoe to boost running experiences. It gives that extra push foot needed to run a bit faster or jump a bit higher. Having a pair of Clifton Edge on made me feel like I can run forever. This is the level of softness and lightness this shoe’s sole has.


If you have been looking for a shoe that can accompany you in your everyday running, then pick up a pair of Hoka Clifton Edge. This shoe has the right kind of material in the appropriate places. You will have all the comforts and conveniences you need in your everyday life. Whether you are running on a treadmill or jogging in the park, Hoka Clifton will keep your feet comfortable and help you run the way you want. Its flexibility and comfort are the main selling points.

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