Hoka Gaviota 4 Review: A Detailed Review From Personal Experience

The Hoka Gaviota 4 is a comfortable and stable shoe that’s perfect for runners and walkers who need long-lasting comfort and stability. It has a breathable and flexible engineered mesh upper and contains Hoka’s J-Frame technology. 

Who Should Buy? 

The Hoka Gaviota 4 is suitable for runners and walkers who need long-lasting comfort and stability. It is also designed to work for neutral gaits. 

Who Should Not Buy? 

If you want something sleek and lightweight appearance, Gaviota 4 is not for you. 

Hoka gaviota 4 previews

First Impression

As soon as I opened the box, I was amazed by how big and bulky the shoes looked. They had a very thick midsole and a wide base, which made them look powerful and sturdy. The upper was made of a breathable mesh with some light blue accents that enhanced the royal blue base. The laces were easy to adjust and the tongue was padded and cozy. 

I put them on and felt the plushness of the cushioning right away. They were very soft and cozy, like walking on clouds. They also felt very stable and supportive, thanks to the J-frame technology that wraps around the heel and midfoot. The toe box was roomy enough for my toes to splay naturally.

I took them for a test run on a mix of pavement and gravel. The shoes handled both surfaces well, providing good traction and durability. The ride was very smooth and seamless, with no noticeable transition from heel to toe. Its cushioning absorbed the impact of each step, protecting my joints and muscles from fatigue.

The shoes did require some breaking-in, though. They felt a bit stiff and rigid at first, especially in the midfoot area. They also felt heavier than my usual shoes, which slowed me down a bit. I had to adjust my pace and stride to get used to them.

Overall, the Hoka Gaviota 4 impressed me with their comfort, cushioning, stability, and protection. These shoes were ideal for long-distance running and recovery days. However, they were not very fast or responsive, but that was not what I was looking for in this shoe. If you need extra support and cushioning for your runs, I would recommend them to you. 

Hoka Gaviota 4 Review

Upper Mesh

The upper mesh of the Hoka Gaviota 4 is one of my favorite features. It feels great on my feet, as it is made of a breathable and flexible material. The material also aligns with my values and lifestyle, as it is eco-friendly and vegan.

Two years ago, I became vegan after watching a documentary about animal cruelty and environmental impact. Since then, I have been looking for vegan running shoes that are also comfortable and durable.

A nice color scheme of royal blue and light blue gives the mesh a sleek and fashionable look. It matches my running outfit perfectly. The mesh also has a snug fit that hugs my foot and prevents it from rolling inwards.

This is important for me as I have mild overpronation. I used to run in neutral shoes that did not provide enough stability for me. I ended up with shin splints and knee pain. After switching to the Hoka Gaviota 4, I noticed a significant improvement in my running performance and comfort.

Another feature that I appreciate is the soft collar and tongue that are padded and comfortable. They suit my sensitive skin well and reduce the risk of irritation or blisters. The mesh also has a heel tab that makes it easy to put the shoe on and off, which saves me time and hassle.

One time, I was running late for a group run and I had to hurry to put on my shoes. The heel tab and the laces made it so easy for me to get ready in no time.

The J-frame is a firmer foam that wraps around the heel and midfoot, providing dynamic stability and structure. It helps me to run with better form and posture. The mesh, the laces, and the J-frame work together to create a customized fit that adapts to the shape of my foot.

I recently ran my first half marathon in the Hoka Gaviota 4 and I was amazed by how well they performed. They kept my feet cushioned, stable, and protected throughout the race. I finished with a personal best time and no injuries.

Sole Unit

The outsole of my Gaviota is covered with Durabrasion Rubber. It has two different colors and thicknesses, which identify where the high abrasion areas are. This midsole is designed to be very durable.

When I slip on my Hoka Gaviota 4’s, I feel like I’m ready to take on the world. The sole unit provides me with stability and durability, so I can run with confidence. The outsole of the Gaviota is covered with Durabrasion Rubber which has two different colors and thicknesses that identify where the high abrasion areas are.

My shoe also has a wide base and an Active Foot Frame for a moderate amount of stability that is still designed to work for neutral gaits. The Gaviota 4 contains Hoka’s J-Frame(TM) technology designed to prevent excessive inward roll, or overpronation, without overcorrecting my gait. This means I can run with confidence knowing that my shoe will help me maintain proper form.

I’m excited about the high level of stability without all the extra bulk in this shoe. The shoe redefines maximum stability by offering me a lightweight and cushioned motion control experience.


The Hoka Gaviota 4 is a comfortable and stable shoe that’s great for runners and walkers who need long-lasting comfort and stability. It has a breathable and flexible engineered mesh upper and may require a short break-in period before it feels softer. So far, the shoe seems an all-rounder to me. 

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  1. I greatly appreciated your review. I received a pair of these hoka shoes for Mother’s Day. I was very excited to try them out. Took a 4 mile walk with my right foot in pain the entire time under the toe bed section of the foot. Left foot felt fabulous. Would love to hear your comments. I am disappointed.

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