Hoka Kawana Review: A Versatile Shoe For Beginners and Pros

The Hoka Kawana is a do-it-all shoe that can rock both running and workouts. It has cushy and bouncy CMEVA foam cushioning and a meta-rocker design that helps me glide forward smoothly and efficiently.

Who Should Buy 

Everyone can buy this shoe whether you’re a beginner or an expert. The snug and cozy feel of the shoe also makes it appropriate for gym sessions. 

Hoka Kawana

hoka kawana

Who Should Not Buy 

Because of its chunky midsole, Hoka Kawana might not be ideal for those who want lightweight shoes. It might also not be great for long runs.

First Impression

Running has become my new hobby since I chose to improve my fitness and health a few months ago. I lacked experience and knowledge about running shoes, so I simply purchased the least expensive ones I could find. They appeared satisfactory for a short time, but they soon deteriorated and caused me pain and discomfort. I realized I had to replace my shoes if I wanted to maintain my running routine.

Then I conducted some research online and discovered the HOKA Kawana, a new shoe that had positive feedback from other runners. I was interested in its characteristics and style, so I ordered a pair and hoped for the best. They arrived promptly, and I was eager to try them on. They were attractive and comfortable as they fit securely and supported my feet well.

I tested them on the road the next morning. They were light and responsive on the surface. The soft and airy sensation on my feet really boosted my mood and made me more motivated and energetic. I ran longer and faster than ever before and felt no pain or irritation afterward.

I was impressed by the shoe from the beginning and how it enhanced my running experience. I think the HOKA Kawana is an excellent shoe for beginners like me. It’s suitable for short runs and gym workouts as well as it’s also elegant for casual wear, as it has a refined design and a lively color. I appreciate this shoe and would suggest it to anyone who wants to start running.

Hoka Kawana Review

Upper Mesh 

The HOKA Kawana shoe pleases me with its upper mesh, which is made from recycled plastic and engineered to be airy and stretchy. It hugs my foot like a soft and cozy sock, keeping it cool and dry even on sweltering and sticky days. It adapts to my foot shape and movement as I run, feeling like a natural part of my foot. 

Another perk of the HOKA Kawana is its durability and ease of cleaning. I run a lot and don’t have to stress about my shoes getting worn out or dirty. A mild soap and water wash is all they need, and they dry fast. Even after many washes, they don’t lose any shape or color. They look crisp and new every time I put them on. 

The HOKA Kawana is also comfy and protective, which is crucial for me. I have delicate skin and I hate shoes that rub or blister my feet. The upper mesh of the HOKA Kawana is soft and smooth on my skin, even after long runs. It’s got a cushioned tongue and collar that pad and protect my ankle and heel. The lace-up closure lets me tweak the fit to my preference. It also has a removable insole that I can switch with my custom orthotics if I need to. 

Lastly, the HOKA Kawana is snazzy and vibrant, which is fun for me. I dig how it looks on my foot, with its sleek design and bright color. It goes well with my other outfits and creates a cool and trendy look that fits my style. And in terms of running, I found it the best buddy who keeps cheering me on a daily basis.

Sole Unit 

A CMEVA foam midsole is the main component of the HOKA Kawana’s sole unit. It impresses me with its soft and supportive cushioning. The midsole is lively and responsive with a high rebound. It also features an early-stage meta-rocker geometry. I like how it facilitates my smooth transition from heel to toe. 

Another impressive feature of the sole unit is the swallow-tail heel bevel. It’s ideal for me as a heel striker. It reduces shock and improves efficiency. It also improves the stability and balance of the shoe. It makes the shoe perfect for lateral movements and jumps. The heel bevel also extends the heel cushioning. It makes the transition from heel to forefoot more comfortable.

The sole unit also showcases a durable rubber outsole. It covers most of the bottom of the shoe. It has a full-ground contact design that enhances stability and traction. A flared forefoot that widens the base of the shoe prevents my foot from rolling inward or outward. It also has a multi-directional lug pattern that increases grip on dry surfaces. 

The sole unit also has a wide base and a low drop of 5 mm. They make the shoe stable and versatile for different activities. The wide base provides the shoe with a solid platform and prevents it from wobbling or twisting. It’s got a low drop that makes the shoe more natural and balanced. This feature enables my foot to move freely and efficiently. It also relieves the stress on my Achilles tendon and calf muscles. And thus I get relieved from injuries and fatigue.


The HOKA Kawana cheers me at its level best on my running adventure. It’s got a soft and responsive CMEVA foam cushioning that makes me feel like I’m soaring. Its meta-rocker design helps me glide forward with grace and speed. The aesthetic look of the shoe really reflects my personality and mood. 

I think it’s a versatile shoe that can handle short runs, gym workouts, and casual wear. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy running and stay fit and healthy.

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