Hoka ORA Recovery Slides: The Ultimate Post-Run Companion?

Looking for a comfortable and breathable slide sandal? Check out the Hoka ORA Recovery Slide. Its perforated edges ensure that your feet stay cool and comfy all day long. The slide’s cushioning is provided by the oversized midsole from Hoka, while the Meta-Rocker design ensures a smooth ride.

The slide features a dual-layer construction and the strategic groove placement adds optimal comfort and traction.

The MATRYX upper of the footwear is made of high-tensile synthetic fiber strands, making it durable and strong while still being lightweight. The slip-on style makes it easy to put on and take off, making it perfect for post-workout recovery.

The Pro² Lite intelligent cushioning system is designed to provide softer cushioning thus allowing for a fast and comfortable ride.

The Vibram MegaGrip Hi-Traction outsole with 5mm lugs provides exceptional grip and traction over rough terrain. This imported product is ideal for athletes who want both comfort and practicality.

The product measurements were taken using size Men’s 8, Women’s 10, and width Medium.

Key Takeaway

My personal experience: I have extensively worn these slides within the confines of my apartment for over two years.

Ideal usage: They are perfect for wearing post-workout or as daily footwear for individuals who tend to spend a significant amount of time walking or standing barefoot on rigid surfaces.

Advantages to look forward to: The slides possess a thick cushioning, which aids in the relief of foot pain and provides support to feet with high arches.

Important note: The slides come with a 1-inch platform height.

Sizing: These recovery shoes are easy to slide into and fit true to size.

Who Should Buy Hoka ORA Recovery Slides?

The Hoka ORA Recovery Slides is a multi-purpose and supportive recovery shoe that can meet the needs of almost everyone.

They are comfortable, supportive, and ideal for people who work from home. They are also great for those who want comfortable and cushioned shoes to wear around the house.

People who are on their feet all day, such as nurses, may also benefit from these shoes. Overall, anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive recovery shoe may want to consider the Hoka ORA Recovery Slides.

Who Should Not Buy Hoka ORA Recovery Slides?

If you’re looking for a pair of sandals that are heavy and not very breathable, then the Hoka ORA Recovery Slides might not be for you. However, if you want a lightweight and comfortable option with intelligent cushioning and exceptional grip, then these slides are definitely worth considering.

Rating Breakdown

Comfort – 8.0

Build quality – 8.0

Upper – 6.0

Sole unit – 7.0

Landing – 8.0

Transition – 6.0

Toe-off – 8.0

Traction – 6.0

Durability – 8.0

Value / Price – 8.0


  • Brand – Hoka
  • Model – Ora Recovery
  • Previous Model – No
  • Type – Walking Slide
  • MSRP – $50
  • Heel Drop – 6mm
  • Carbon Plate – No


  • Sizing – Very true to size
  • Heel Fit – Loose
  • Midfoot Fit – Wide
  • Toebox Fit – Wide and comfortable

Cushioning & Ride

  • Types of cushioning – EVA foam
  • Amount of cushioning – A Lot
  • Stability – Softness Stable
  • Flexibility – Moderately Flexible


  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Wet or Smooth Surfaces
  • Post-Workout
  • Long Run
  • Daily Usage

First Impression

I recently received my Hoka ORA Recovery Slide and was excited to unbox them. They came in simple, yet elegant packaging which made it easy for me to get to the shoes immediately.

As soon as I tried them on, I could feel the softness of the material and how comfortable they were on my feet. The design is not the most stylish but that doesn’t matter when you consider their function.

I wore them after every workout for five days straight and noticed a significant difference in my recovery time. My muscles felt less fatigued and sore compared to when I didn’t wear them. The arch support provided by these slides also helped alleviate any discomfort from plantar fasciitis.

These recovery slides are perfect for athletes who need proper rest and recovery after workouts or races. They are affordable and durable enough to last long-term use.

Overall, my first impression of the Hoka ORA Recovery Slide was positive and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality recovery shoe.

Upper Mesh

Let’s talk about the Upper Mesh of the Hoka ORA Recovery Slide. This sandal is designed to be lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for post-workout recovery or just lounging around on a hot day. The Upper Mesh features high-tensile synthetic fiber strands across the midfoot that provides enhanced durability and strength without adding extra weight.

Plus, the perforated edges keep your feet comfortable and cool even in warm weather. Slip them on and feel the soft top layer of EVA cushioning cradle your feet while the Meta-Rocker design offers a smooth ride.

With strategic groove placement for optimal traction and Vibram® MegaGrip Hi-Traction outsole with 5mm lugs, you can confidently take these slides over rough terrain. So go ahead, and slip into something more comfortable with the Hoka ORA Recovery Slide.

Sole Unit

The sole unit of the Hoka ORA Recovery Slide is definitely unique. It’s super thick, which takes some getting used to, but once you do, it feels like you’re walking on clouds. The footbed has a lot of squishy cushioning, so it’s great for tired feet after a long day or event.

However, I did notice that the lack of a hard rubber sole made the edges collapse easily, causing the shoe to feel a bit unstable at times. This wasn’t too big of a deal when just hanging out around the house, but when we tried them out on some mellow trails, I didn’t feel confident enough in their lateral stability.

Despite this, the shoe is “rockered” like many other Hokas, which gives a feeling of being propelled forward with each step. Overall, the sole unit is comfy and provides decent arch support, but could use some improvement in terms of stability.


So, here’s the deal with the Hoka Ora Recovery flip flop – it’s definitely not an all-around great choice for a flip flop. However, if you’re looking for something to slip on after a long day on your feet and just want to kick back and relax with a cold brew in hand, then these bad boys are the perfect fit.

They’re super comfortable, there’s no denying that. But they lack versatility and other important attributes we usually look for in a good pair of flip-flops. So, while I don’t necessarily recommend them as an everyday or go-to option, I will say that when it comes to their one trick – recovery – they do it well.

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