Hoka Speedgoat 5 Review: A Eco-friendly Trail Running Shoe That Will Make You Fly 

The Speedgoat 5 is a light and cushioned trail shoe with a grippy outsole and a stable upper. It is good for any trail challenge. I personally love the Speedgoat 5 because it makes me feel confident and comfortable on any terrain. It is one of my favorite shoes for trail running and hiking.

Who Should Buy 

This shoe is for trail runners who want a sustainable, breathable, flexible, cushioned, stable, responsive, and fast shoe. It works well on various terrains.

Hoka Speedgoat 5

Hoka speedgoat 5

Who Should Not Buy 

It might not suit runners who need waterproofness and protection or want a different fit and comfort. 

Hoka speedgoat 5 preview

First Impression

The Hoka Speedgoat 5 caught my attention when I was looking for a new pair of trail running shoes. I had read some positive reviews about them, and I was curious to see how they would work for me. I ordered a pair online and received them a few days later. As I opened the box, I was surprised by how they looked. They had a mesh upper that was made with recycled materials, which I thought was cool. They also had vibrant colors and a simple design, which I liked.

Putting them on, I felt how snug and cozy they were. The mesh upper was breathable and flexible, and it conformed to my foot shape. The shoe also had a lot of cushioning and stability, thanks to the CMEVA midsole and the J-Frame technology. I felt like I was wearing a pair of slippers.

I tested them out on a challenging trail. It was a rainy day, and the trail was muddy, slippery, and steep. Running on it, I felt the shoe handle well on every terrain. The mesh upper did not get too hot or sweaty, and the outsole provided me with a lot of grip and traction. The shoe also felt stable and responsive, and it helped me run smoothly and confidently.

However, I also faced some difficulties with the shoe as I ran. It was not very waterproof, and when I ran through a puddle, my foot got wet. It was also not very protective, and when I stepped on a thorn, I felt a puncture on my heel. The shoe did not have a Gore-Tex membrane or a water-repellent coating, which would have solved these problems.

I completed my run and felt satisfied with the shoe overall. It was an excellent trail running shoe that offered a lot of advantages. It was eco-friendly, breathable, flexible, cushioned, stable, responsive, and fast. It was also different from other trail shoes that I had worn before. However, it also had some disadvantages that I had to keep in mind. It was not very waterproof or protective, which could be a problem in some critical conditions. 

Hoka Speedgoat 5 Review

Upper Mesh 

The mesh upper of the shoe caught my eye right away. It looked sleek and stylish, with vibrant color and a minimal design. I found out that it was made with recycled materials, which impressed me. I care about the environment, and I appreciate that Hoka is making an effort to reduce its ecological footprint.

I slipped on the shoe and felt the mesh upper hug my foot like a glove. It was breathable and flexible, allowing my foot to move naturally. I laced up the shoe and headed out for a run.

The trail I chose was a mix of dirt, gravel, rocks, and grass. It was a sunny day, and the temperature was mild. As I ran, I felt the mesh upper keep my foot cool and dry. It also had fewer overlays than the previous model, which made it lighter and more agile. I felt like I was flying over the trail.

However, as I ran, I also noticed some drawbacks of the mesh upper. It wasn’t very waterproof, and when I stepped on a puddle, my foot got soaked. It wasn’t very protective either, and when I brushed against a sharp rock, I felt a sting on my toe. The mesh upper didn’t have a Gore-Tex membrane or a water-repellent coating, which would have helped in these situations.

I realized that the mesh upper of the Hoka Speedgoat 5 had its pros and cons, depending on what I was looking for in a trail shoe. The mesh upper was eco-friendly, breathable, and flexible, but also not very waterproof and protective. It was different from other trail shoes in terms of weight, fit, and co

Sole Unit 

The Hoka Speedgoat 5 has a remarkable sole unit that can tackle any terrain and condition. It has a new outsole crafted by Vibram, a company renowned for its high-quality rubber compounds. The outsole boasts Megagrip technology, which offers superb grip and durability on wet and dry surfaces. It also sports new lugs that are shaped and placed to bite into the ground and prevent slipping. This outsole grants me confidence and security on every trial.

Besides the outsole, the Speedgoat 5 also features a new midsole that is lighter and more cushioned than the previous version. The midsole employs a new foam compound that is more resilient and responsive, delivering a smooth and stable ride. Ample cushioning on the midsole allows me for long runs on rough trails. 

Moreover, the sole unit of the Speedgoat 5 also has a low weight, which makes it feel light and fast. The shoe weighs 10.3 oz for men’s size 10 and 8.5 oz for women’s size 7. The sole unit also has a 4 mm heel-to-toe drop, which fosters a natural and efficient running form, as well as reduces the impact on the joints. This sole unit enables me to run faster and longer with less fatigue.

The Hoka Speedgoat 5 has everything I ever desired in a shoe: traction, cushioning, lightness, and comfort. It has enhanced my trail running experience and performance in many ways. It has also made me relish trail running more than ever. I can’t envision running without it.


The Hoka Speedgoat 5 made a good impression on me. It was a unique and attractive trail running shoe that matched my preferences and needs as a runner who valued sustainability, breathability, flexibility, comfort, and confidence. However, I also realized that it might not be the perfect shoe for every runner or every trail. It was a matter of personal choice.

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