Hoka SpeedGoat Vs Altra Lone Peak

By the time you are done with this article, you will realize that if you are looking forward to having an adventure, Hoka SpeedGoat is the ideal option for you. But if your aim is to perform the casual everyday exercise, then Altra Lone Peak is the way to go.

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Hoka SpeedGoat 5 vs Altra Lone Peak 6

Hoka SpeedGoat 5 and Altra Lone Peak 6 are both great but for different purposes. They have their own merits and flaws. And these qualities and lacking actually make them ideal for specific purposes. Take a quick glance at the basic differences before going into details. 

Hoka SpeedGoat 5Altra Lone Peak 6
Weight11.6 oz (men’s) / 9.4 oz (women’s)10.2 oz (men’s) / 8.7 oz (women’s)
PerformanceGood performance on technical terrain and steep climbsGood for general terrains
DurabilityBreathable mesh along with reinforced overlays offer durabilityRubber outsole works well with TrailClaw Lugs to provide amazing traction.
Sole Unit5mm Vibram Megagrip outsole provides excellent traction.4mm MaxTrac rubber outsole with TrailClaw lugs provides excellent traction
Upper UnitMesh upper unit for breathability and durability Breathable mesh upper unit with reinforced overlays 
Overall OpinionAmazing option of climbing and adventuresGood choice for regular casual usage. 

Sole unit

The sole unit of both these shoes is something you want in all your footwear options. Both SpeedGoat 5 and Altra Lone Peak 6 offer outstanding traction on all kinds of surfaces.

However, I felt that the 5mm Vibram Megarip outsole of SpeedGoat 5 is arguably better than the 4mm MaxTrac rubber outsole of Altra Lone Peak 6.

While the TrailClaw lugs of this Peak 6 do provide more than enough traction, it may not feel most convenient compared to SpeedGoat 5’s. This makes sense considering the price difference here.

For this reason, if you are planning a trip on terrain or thinking of rock climbing, go for SpeedGoat 5. However, if you don’t have any such hardcore activities planned, choose Altra Lone Peak 6 for your everyday casual usage. It will get your job done with ease.

Upper Unit

The upper unit of a shoe determines its comfort and durability. At this point, both SpeedGoat 5 and Lone Peak 6 prove to be top-of-the-market options. Both of these shoes are constructed with breathable mesh upper units. 

The mesh upper of SpeedGoat 5 has extended breathability and is sturdy. In other words, it has better durability. The built material has a role to play here.

On the other hand, the Lone Peak 6 also has a breathable mesh upper along with reinforced overlays. This point too offers comfort along with convenience. However, this mesh upper may not be as comfortable as SpeedGoat 5’s.

Here, the overlay may obstruct the fluent passage of air. However, this is not a problem for casual usage at home.

However, you need breathability if you are on terrain or on adventures where your feet will go through hardcore toil. In such situations, your shoe has to have a proper breathable upper along with durable built material. SpeedGoat excels in both of these cases. This is why you should go for SpeedGoat 5 if you are shopping for camping.


Built material and built quality are the two factors that determine the durability of a shoe. Although it’s undeniable that the type and duration of usage is an important factor as well, it’s mostly the quality of the shoe that makes its durability ideal for specific purposes.

The SpeedGoat 5 has breathable mesh along with reinforced overlays. This overlay is a point that offers extended durability to SpeedGoat 5. You can run through mud or rock and this shoe will not have a scratch on it.

On the other hand, the Lone Peak 6 has a rubber outsole. It performs well with the TrailClaw lugs. This results in top-notch traction and good durable performance. You can have them on for a prolonged time and they won’t show any sign of wear.

Surprisingly, although Altra Lone Peak 6 is arguably more durable than SpeedGoat 5, the latter is more suitable for rough usage. In other words, you can take SpeedGoat 5 on the most extreme of your trips and they will survive.

On the contrary, Altra Lone Peak 6 will accompany your feet for a longer duration. You may not need to buy another pair for years if all you do is casual exercises at the gym. The rubber outsole here protects the entire shoe from unforeseen attacks.

Overall Opinion

You have probably realized by now what each of these shoes is ideal for. While Hoka SpeedGoat 5 is built for extreme sports and rough adventures, Altra Lone Peak 6 has more casual purposes.

Hoka SpeedGoat 5 has the such sturdy build quality and robust material that it will not wear off in the roughest situations. This is why it is deemed ideal for rugged environments. In addition, its flexibility is comfortable enough to perform fluently in any kind of sport.

However, Altra Lone Peak 6 has a thicker outsole. This is why I feel it may not be ideal for sports. It’s not that you cannot do anything with it. The thick outsole may not allow you to move as conveniently as you would like to. But its sturdy secure construction will surely accompany you in your everyday exercise.

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