Welcome to Edonmanor.com, your go-to destination for style, comfort, and quality women’s shoes. Our team is made up of four passionate and experienced women, all dedicated to helping you find the perfect pair of shoes.

We have two of the most talented Author to manage our entire blog post with their amazing talent.

So, let me introduce them to you.

David Edwarn

Having been an ultra trail runner for over a decade, David Edwarn has always dreamed of writing and sharing his experiences with others. Currently, he’s a 21-year-old author and fitness professional.

Sarah Prince

Sarah Prince is an avid runner and the author of edonmanor.com. She has a marathon time of 3:29, a half marathon time of 1:43, a 10K time of 45:34, and a 5K time of 21:29 as well as a 368-day running streak. As of today, she is still running and sharing her knowledge with others.

On Edonmanor, she writes helpful content on Hoka shoes to help runners choose the best Hoka shoes. Her blog post has become a go-to source for finding the right Hoka shoes for any runner.

She is a firm believer that having the right running shoes can make a big difference in a runner’s performance and experience. Sarah is passionate about running and constantly inspiring others to reach their goals.