Saucony vs Brooks: An Overall Comparison Between Saucony Triumph 20 Vs Brooks Glycerin 20

Saucony and Brooks brands from Philadelphia are known for making different shoes for different runners. Their prominent flagships Saucony Triumph 20 and Brooks Glycerin 20 are great shoes for maximum comfort and support. These shoes have new materials in their midsole. 

I especially praise Brooks Glycerin 20 because this shoe has something that keeps my feet straight. 

Saucony vs Brooks

Who Should Buy Saucony Triumph 20 and Brooks Glycerin 20?

You should buy the Saucony Triumph 20 if you are a neutral runner who wants a soft and bouncy shoe for any distance and pace. And the Brooks Glycerin 20 will be the best fit for high-mileage runs at an easy pace. 

Who Should Not Buy Saucony Triumph 20 and Brooks Glycerin 20?

I wouldn’t recommend Saucony Triumph 20 if you want more stability, speed, and support nor the Brooks Glycerin 20 as cheaper, versatile, and short speedy runs. 

First Impression 

I remember feeling like a kid on Christmas morning when the first time I try out Saucony Triumph 20. It was a winter morning and I went jogging wearing the shoe. This shoe felt firmer and more supportive. The next morning I got to wear the Brooks Glycerin 20 as I bought these shoes at the same time. I felt the difference in the cushioning right away between these shoes. 

The Saucony feels firmer and more responsive, while the Brooks feels softer and more plush. Both shoes are comfortable but in different ways. The Saucony gives me a sense of speed and energy return, whereas the Brooks gives me a sense of comfort and protection. As I kept running with them for several weeks, the fit and stability of the shoes gradually catch my attention. 

The Saucony has a snug and secure fit, with a breathable mesh upper. On the other hand, the Brooks has a roomy and relaxed fit, with a stretchy knit upper that adapts to my foot nicely. Both shoes have enough space in the toe box for my toes to splay. Yet the Saucony feels more locked in and supportive. 

Also, these shoes have good traction and durability. After months of using both consecutively, I was satisfied with both shoes. They are high-quality and well-designed, yet have different personalities and strengths. 

In my overall observation, the Saucony is more suited for faster and shorter runs, while the Brooks is more suited for slower and longer distances. 

Upper Mesh

I love running shoes with comfy and airy upper mesh. They make my feet feel good and secure. That’s why I like both Saucony Triumph 20 and Brooks Glycerin 20.

One of the reasons I like them is the upper design. The Saucony Triumph 20 has a new upper and lacing design that fits my foot shape and doesn’t hurt. On the other hand, the Brooks Glycerin 20 has a StealthFit upper that is stretchy and smooth. It feels like a second skin. 

Another reason I like them is the width options. I usually wear medium-width shoes, but sometimes I need wide or narrow ones. The Saucony Triumph 20 has those options for the neutral version. However, the Brooks Glycerin 20 only has wide width for both the neutral and the GTS (support) versions.

So, these are two running shoes that I would highly recommend. They have some things in common and some distinctions as well. Therefore, I would suggest the one that matches one’s preferences and needs better.

Sole Unit

The Saucony Triumph 20 and the Brooks Glycerin 20 bring exactly what I want in the sole unit. Both of them are premium daily trainers with new foam cushioning that is soft, light, and bouncy. They made my runs more comfortable and enjoyable, whether I was doing easy miles or long runs.

The sole unit of both shoes is designed to provide a smooth and cushioned ride. The Saucony Triumph 20 features a new PWRRUN+ foam cushioning that is softer, lighter, and more responsive than the previous version. The Brooks Glycerin 20 also has a new DNA Loft v3 foam cushioning infused with nitrogen for a lightweight and plush feel. 

In addition, the outsole of both shoes is made of durable rubber that offers excellent traction on various surfaces, from pavement to dirt. They made my runs more safe and confident, no matter the weather or terrain.

Furthermore, these shoes are not just smooth. They are dynamic and fun. The sole unit of both shoes also contributes to their performance. The Saucony Triumph 20 has a slight rocker feel thanks to its updated geometry. It boosts my energy and propels me forward. 

On the other hand, the Brooks Glycerin 20 has a smooth transition from heel to toe thanks to its seamless flow. It enhances my speed and reduces fatigue. They made my runs more lively and fast.

Overall, I’m glad I got myself a pair of these amazing shoes. They are worth every penny and I would recommend them to anyone who loves running.


Both shoes are great options for neutral runners who like a lot of cushioning, but they offer different experiences and sensations. Back then, I decided to keep both pairs and alternate them depending on my mood and goals, and still, I find them comfy anytime anywhere. 

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