How to Spot Fake Brooks Shoes?

Brooks offers a whole bunch of model in their lineup. So, when looking for genuine Brooks shoes, check for their distinctive logo. Look on the tongue of the shoe and at the back of the heel for an embossed “Brooks” logo with a blue background and white lettering.

Also, look for a label inside the shoe stating “Authentic Brooks Footwear”. Fake shoes even though they are made in usa, they may have misspelled or off-brand logos.

Genuine products may also come with a hangtag bearing an individual serial number that can be used to trace its authenticity through Brooks’ website.

Spot fake brook shoes with ease

Way No 1: Familiarize Yourself With Genuine Brooks Shoe Features

If you want to spot fake Brooks shoes quickly, you must first familiarize yourself with the features of genuine Brooks shoes that include owning each of them or at least most of them.

To start, take a look at the soles of a regular pair of Brooks shoes. They usually have a rubber sole and an outer tread pattern that provides grip when walking.

Here’s for other things to look at:

Logo: Authentic Brooks shoes have a high-quality logo on the upper and sole.

Material and Stitching: Genuine Brooks shoes use high-quality materials and have precise stitching.
Insole: Authentic Brooks shoes come with a gel insole, providing comfort and support.

GuideRails Technology: Genuine Brooks shoes may feature patented GuideRails® technology, which supports your feet, knees, and hips by reducing excess deviation from your habitual motion path.

Barcode: Authentic Brooks shoes have a barcode on the tag, which can be scanned to verify their authenticity.

Brook glycerin 19 overall shoe preview

Way No 2: Check The Quality Of The Shoes

I’d say it’s important to consider both the aesthetics and the materials used for the shoes.

The stitching should be precise and even, with no loose threads or unraveling. If the shoes have any logos, they should be crisp and clear. The material should feel quality and not be flimsy or thin.

Here’s how to check the quality of the Shoe:

  • Material: Genuine Brooks shoes use high-quality materials that are durable and comfortable.
  • Stitching: Authentic shoes have precise and consistent stitching, ensuring a well-constructed product.
  • Adhesives: Check the adhesives used in the shoes, as genuine Brooks shoes use high-quality adhesives that are not visible or messy.
  • Logo: Inspect the logo on the upper and sole of the shoes to ensure it is clear, well-placed, and of high quality.
  • Inner Sole: Authentic Brooks shoes have a gel insole that provides comfort and support, while fake ones may have thin, paper-like insoles.
  • Overall Finish: Genuine Brooks shoes have a polished and professional finish, with no visible glue stains or other imperfections.
Source: Brooks

Way No 3: Check The Brand Logo

Pay a close look at the brand logo. Sometimes a logo can help reveal if the product is authentic or not.

Now let’s explain how does a Brooks logo look like:

This logo represents motion and speed by using a stylized, curved arrow-like shape. Brooks shoes typically feature a simple yet recognizable design on their upper part and sole. It is typically blue in color, reflecting the brand’s unique color scheme. Symbolizing Brooks’ commitment to high-performance running shoes and apparel, the logo is an essential element of the brand’s visual identity.

There’s More:

  • Take a close look at the logo on the upper part of the shoe: Authentic Brooks shoes have a high-quality logo that is clear and well-placed.
  • Look at the logo on the sole: Genuine Brooks shoes also have a logo on the sole, which should be of high quality and properly aligned.

Way No 4: Verify The Retailer

To verify the retailer when purchasing Brooks shoes, follow these steps:

Check if the retailer is authorized: Shop at an authorized Brooks retailer, such as Zapoos, or directly on the Brooks website. Authorized retailers are more likely to offer genuine Brooks shoes.

Research the retailer’s reputation: Make sure the retailer is trustworthy and reliable by looking at customer reviews and ratings.

Inquire about return and exchange policies: It’s better to buy from an authorized retailer who has clear return and exchange policies, so you can be assured the product is authentic.

Be cautious with online marketplaces: Be careful, as fake Brooks shoes can also be found on platforms like Amazon. Check the seller’s reputation and reviews before buying.

Way No 5: Look For Unusual Pricing

Suppose you’re shopping at a retailer that isn’t an authorized Brooks dealer, so, be sure to check the price.

Do some research on the average price of the Brooks shoe you’re looking at. That’ll help you compare deals.

Before you buy something on an online marketplace, make sure you check the seller’s reputation and reviews.

Make sure you don’t buy from sites or stores that have bad reviews or look suspicious, because they might be selling counterfeits.

High-quality running shoes like Brooks typically cost more due to the materials and technology used in their production. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Way No 6: Check Shoe Box

To make sure you find the real deal, you should check the shoe box. The box should have clear and legible printing on it that looks like it’s from a professional printer. It should also include information about the original retailer, along with any other logos or trademarks associated with the company.

The box should be designed in a way that looks like it belongs to the particular style of shoe and not just a generic box.

If the box has any typos or mistakes in the printing, this is usually a good indication that it’s counterfeit.

I once saw that there are strange markings on the box and it felt flimsy and cheaply made, then I understood that I am holding a fake one.

Another thing to check for is the consistent labeling between different boxes; if some details don’t match up between them, then this could point towards a counterfeit product.

Way No 7: Read Seller’s Reviews

A great way to tell if you’re getting the real deal is by looking into the seller’s reviews.

Do it before making a purchase so that you can be sure you’re getting an authentic product.

Firstly, take a look at what other customers have said about the seller. Were they satisfied with their purchase?

Did they mention anything about whether or not the product was authentic? Seeing what other people have experienced when dealing with this particular vendor can give you insight into whether or not they’re trustworthy.

It can also help to research more information about the seller themselves. Are they reputable brands? Do they have any credentials that make them a reliable source for Brooks shoes?

Way No 8: Compare Prices With Other Stores

Compare the price of the shoes from the seller in question to other reputable stores that sell Brooks shoes. If there is a drastic difference, it’s possible that the seller may be selling knock-offs or fake shoes.

Check for any discrepancies in the product description, such as details like shoe size or color that don’t match what’s being sold by other retailers. These inconsistencies could also indicate that the shoes being sold are not authentic.

Closely look at the photos of real Brooks shoes on websites and compare them to those being sold by the seller you’re considering buying from.

Pay close attention to details like stitching and materials used. Authentic Brooks will usually have a higher quality construction than replicas or knock-offs do, so this can be a good way to tell if something is real or not.

Knowing how much an item should cost and understanding what it should look like are two great ways to help ensure you’re getting genuine Brooks shoes from a reliable source.

Do your research before making any purchases and always double-check with other stores for prices and product descriptions before you buy anything online. This will help ensure that you get exactly what you pay for.

Brooks comparison with other shoes:

Last Way: Contact The Manufacturer

Just go and ask the manufacturer if possible.

Reaching out to the company can be done in various ways. You can call their customer service line directly or send an email inquiry if they have one listed on their website. If you’re at a store or purchasing online, you can also check for an authenticity stamp or QR code provided by the manufacturer.

A reliable way to know if you are buying authentic Brooks shoes is to make sure that the retailer has been verified by the manufacturer themselves. Retailers should provide proof of being an authorized seller of Brooks products and will likely be listed on the company’s website as well.

You can ask the retailer questions about where they sourced their product from and how long they have been selling it for additional assurance.

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