Hoka Arahi 5 Review: Best For Athletes

Hoka Arahi 5 can be the ideal shoe for everyday workouts. It has an amazing balance of mild support and is built with lightweight material. This overall build gives the shoe the astounding ability to facilitate unique rides.

I am personally impressed by Hoka’s J-Frame technology embedded in this shoe. It prevents excessive inward roll and obstructs overpronation without overcorrecting the gait. A wide base and active foot frame offer moderate stability, particularly designed for neutral gaits. The upper is also equipped with amazing breathable mesh that offers comfort and locks the foot in a secured stance.

Hoka Arahi 5 Review

Who Should Buy? 

Hoka Arahi 5 is tailor-made for regular workouts and exercise. So if you are into running, jogging, or someone who works out for at least 30 minutes a day, this shoe is for you.

It has a design to help your feet remain stable during heavy movements and offers cushioned feelings to keep your feet comfy.

Who Should Not Buy? 

I would only recommend Hoka Arahi 5 to those looking for a shoe to go tracking or camping. In other words, if your priority is an adventure, this one is not for you, go for Arahi 6.

I felt the shoe is noticeably more secure than most other options. It’s a great feature if you are working out but not much of help if you are trailing or tracking.

First Impression

The first time I slid my feet into this shoe, I felt like this could be the one and only shoe I needed for my workout. It was a bit tight at first, but I didn’t feel suffocated after sliding my feet in. In fact, the shoe felt quite comfortable. Thanks to the breathable upper mesh, I didn’t feel my feet burning up despite the scorching heat.

The secured upper and surroundings of the shoe feel robust and sturdy. I can wriggle my feet all day, and they will not get loose.

Apart from the secured build, the shoe had a premium built quality. The build material here was flexible enough to offer me enough convenience to move around. I didn’t have the slightest trouble getting my feet through the heaviest workout.

The cushioned support and foot housing is convenient enough to let my feet freely adjust inside the shoe. It has one of the most comfortable midsoles and heel support. Overall, the unique structure allowed my feet to move naturally.

Thanks to the lightweight sole, running with this pair was a breeze. I could only run an extra mile with these shoes because the weight did not pull me down. All in all, this shoe is particularly designed to support feet in regular exercises, and I like it.

Upper Mesh

Besides its sleek design, the most noticeable thing about Hoka Arahi 5 is its resilient, open mesh upper. It offers amazing breathability and comfort while running. This is true in the case of heavy workouts as well. The upper mesh is engineered to be durable and conveniently flexible.

I faced slight discomfort putting them on due to them being a bit tight. But once my feet are in the shoe, it’s all good.

The mesh is also sufficiently soft. It’s not unusually thick or too thin. The upper has just the right amount of density. And I have to emphasize that it’s really comfortable. I had blisters before having the shoes on, and, to be honest, I was worried it would be an uncomfortable experience.

But even with the blister burning on my feet, I had no trouble having the shoes on for hours. In fact, the breathability of the upper mesh helped me get rid of the blister quicker than I had anticipated.

An open mesh upper is particularly important to keep feet cool and dry. Hoka Arahi 5 does that effectively. It has the feature of preserving a healthy condition for the feet. 

Sole Unit

You may wonder what difference the sole of a shoe makes! Well, it makes a huge difference. This is especially true for Hoka Arahi 5. The sole unit of this shoe is designed to offer cushioning and support while running. The unique J-Frame design provides amazing stability and support during workout sessions.

I noticed that the sole unit of the Hoka Arahi 5 is constructed of several layers of foam. It provides cushioning and support while running and during hardcore exercises. The Meta-rock design of the shoe helps guide the foot through the gait cycle. This, in turn, results in a smooth, comfortable ride.

The outer sole here is made of durable rubber. I got enough traction even on rain-drenched roads. There’s a strategic pattern that’s more than just a design. It offers excellent grip on various surfaces, making the shoe perfect for roads and trails.

Considering all these points, it’s safe to say that Hoka Arahi 5 does not lack any essential features. It contains all the necessary features to serve its purpose properly. Though I won’t pick up a pair for my next trailing trip because of its hardcore, secured structure, it’s going with me to my gym every day.


Of course, the market is filled with thousands of shoes built for running and exercise. But not all are suitable for you. Some may feel too loose, while others may appear too stiff on your feet. The worst problem I usually face with exercise shoes is zero ventilation. Hoka Arahi 5 eradicates all these problems.

This shoe has an ideal exercise shoe’s comfort, convenience, and weight. The lightness allows you to exercise for a few extra minutes, and the comfort keeps your feet healthy and energetic. These shoes delayed my tiredness and allowed me to maintain a proactive workout routine. As the price here is also on point, I recommend this to anyone who asks me for workout + running shoes.

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