Hoka Bondi 8: Podiatrist Review (Ultra soft, lightest & Smoothest)

The Hoka Bondi 8 is a max-cushioned neutral shoe with a wide and stable base, a smooth and protective ride, and a comfortable upper. It is ideal for recovery and long runs, but not for fast or intense running due to its weight and bulkiness.

Hoka Bondi 8

Who Should Buy? 

This shoe is amazing for easy recovery runs because it is so soft and comfy. It also helps me avoid injuries by supporting and protecting my feet. I think it is a must-have shoe for anyone who wants cushioning and comfort.

Who Should Not Buy? 

If you crave speed and lightness, this shoe is not for you. It weighs and slows you down, making you drag and lag. Even if you value versatility and agility, this shoe is not your ally. It limits your movement and hinders your performance, making you stumble and fumble. I steer clear of this shoe for anything fast, competitive, or long. 

First Impression

The Hoka Bondi 8 impressed me with its cozy and effective performance. It looked like a massive and bulky shoe, but it felt like a different beast when I tried it.

It had a tight and airy upper that wrapped around my foot like a second skin. The soft and fluffy cushioning supported my foot so nicely. It felt light and sleek on my feet, defying its size and weight. I ran with ease and comfort, without any hint of awkwardness or clumsiness.

Bondi 8 floated over the road with grace and smoothness, absorbing every impact and bump. It helped me transition fluidly from heel to toe with its curved shape and Meta-Rocker geometry. It kept me steady and supported with its wide base and flared heel.

My first ride with it was comfy and smooth which made me forget about the distance and the pace. It was a cloud that turned running into a dreamy experience.

Upper Mesh

Hoka Bondi 8’s upper mesh is made of recycled materials. It shows that Hoka cares about the environment and the runners who wear their shoes. Compared to the Bondi 7, the mesh is thicker and more durable. It also feels soft and breathable on my feet, which is great for long runs.

The fit of the Hoka Bondi 8’s upper mesh is snug and secure. It wraps around my foot like a glove and gives me a sense of confidence. It is narrow in the toe box, which might not work for some runners with wide feet. But for me, it’s perfect. The tongue and collar are padded and comfortable. The laces are easy to adjust and customize.

The upper mesh of the Hoka Bondi 8 is one of the reasons why I love this shoe. It’s breathable, durable, and snug and enhances the performance and feel of the shoe. It also looks sleek and modern, which matches my style.

Sole Unit

Running in my Hoka Bondi 8 shoes is a joy. It has a sole unit unlike any other. It’s huge, but not heavy. It is soft, but not squishy; and stable, not stiff.

The amazing feeling on my feet comes from the special EVA foam that makes up the sole unit. It cushions and responds to every step. It absorbs the shock and spreads it evenly across my foot, making my joints and muscles relaxed. The foam is also lighter and softer than the previous Bondi, making the shoe more agile and less bulky.

A rocker design that curves from heel to toe shapes the sole unit. It creates a rolling motion that moves me forward like a breeze. It also has a flaring profile that widens the base and extends the heel, giving me more stability and support.

The sole unit also has a great look. It has a waved pattern that looks like a concertina, which makes the sole unit bounce back with each step, increasing its energy return and cushioning. The pattern matches the bold color combinations of the shoe, making it look striking.

A durable and grippy rubber makes up the outsole. It sticks to the ground and prevents me from slipping and sliding. The outsole also has grooves and lugs that make the shoe flexible and grippy.


The Hoka Bondi 8 is a kind of shoe that I love to run in. It gives me maximum cushioning and comfort for any distance and surface. Whether I am doing a short jog or a long marathon it soothes my feet with coziness. However, I don’t sprint with its due to its heaviness. 

If you love the smooth and responsive ride, you can try this shoe. It also has a bold and dynamic look that can give confidence in the workout. This is the shoe that makes me happy and confident as a runner.

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