Hoka Clifton Vs Rincon: Your Next Flex

The prominent Hoka brand offers a different running experience through its most excellent flagships, Clifton and Rincon. Clifton is known for its thickest cushioning and lasting stability, while Rincon brought an immense change in flexibility. But which one of these two do we need? Let’s have a discussion of Hoka Clifton vs. Rincon. 

As Clifton’s 8 is the most trendy shoe in the market, and the Rincon 3 started to impress people, we’ll compare these two shoes. To confirm your cart, let’s see which one wins the battle. 

Comparison: Hoka Clifton 8 Vs Rincon 3

Clifton 8 feels more cushioned and soft. Conversely, Rincon comes with more energy return and bouncy characteristics. What else do these shoes differ from? Let’s see the following. 

Clifton 8 Rincon 3
Outsole High abrasion rubber Zonal rubber 
Upper Engineered mesh 100% vegan engineered mesh 
Cushioning Soft Soft 
Responsiveness High Medium 
Height 29 mm 29 mm 
Weight 210g 250g 
Drop 5 mm 5 mm 
Speed Slow, Moderate. Fast, Extreme. 
Recommended for Daily Training. Daily Intense Training for a short period.

Sole Unit – Hoka Clifton 8 Vs. Rincon 3

No surprises! Both these shoes are made with EVA foam in the sole unit. Yet, there’s a bit different. Clifton 8 has a much thicker and softer midsole for cushioned rides. But does this make Rincon 3 a bad shoe? No! Not at all. 

Rincon 3 has other specialists that Clifton 8 lacks. This shoe is better suited for long-distance, faster runs with a responsive, lightweight midsole. It is flexible, thus allowing you to have extreme activities for a long time. 

So, we get here that Clifton 8 is durable and relatively stiffer because of its extra rubber in the outsole. Conversely, Rincon 3 offers more flexibility thanks to its exposed midsole foam. 

Stability – Hoka Clifton 8 Vs. Rincon 3

Now, let’s talk about the stability of these trendy shoes. 

With the midsole sidewalls, Clifton 8 is considered relatively stable. The sidewalls act to keep your feet in the center and provide some extra arch support. And the extra outsole rubber makes this shoe more durable than Rincon 3. 

So, is Rincon 3 not that much durable? No, it’s not; instead, it prefers to give you the most intense running experience and hardcore activities. And with such a structure, you can’t expect much stability on this shoe as it may become a burden while stretching. So, let us know your thought on it.

Upper Unit – Hoka Clifton 8 Vs. Rincon 3

What else do you want in the upper unit of a shoe except for its appearance? Obviously, the ventilation and space keep your forefoot relaxed. Both of these shoes will impress you with that. 

Clifton 8 has a more padded and plusher upper unit with its semi-gusseted tongue. It feels luxurious and comfy even after wearing it for hours. It comes in Hoka narrow fit size, which may become a negative side for people with wider feet people. As a matter of fact, you can order a wider version of it if necessary. 

Now, you’ll be surprised to know Rincon 3 provides much comfort in the upper unit. But only for short distances. Its upper unit is more breathable than Clifton 8 but doesn’t provide enough support for long hours. 

So this is what we learn from here, Clifton 8 is the best fit for long time activities, while Rincon 3 is appropriate for short-term toil. 

Heel to Drop – Hoka Clifton 8 Vs. Rincon 3

Both Clifton 8 and Rincon 3 come in 5 mm of drop size. In the forefoot, you’ll have a 30 mm height and the heel stack height of 35 mm in both shoes. 

Size and Fit – Hoka Clifton 8 Vs. Rincon 3

As we all know, Clifton 8 comes in true to size so is the Rincon 3. And now the wide version of Rincon 3 is also available. So, the sizing can’t be an issue of your choice. 

Cushioning – Hoka Clifton 8 Vs. Rincon 3

There’s nothing to talk about Clifton’s 8 cushioning, as everybody knows how soft and silky this shoe feels. This model has some extra cushion layer on its previous version, making it smoother and thicker. And that’s why for a long time, Clifton 8 remains comfy. 

Well! Rincon 3 doesn’t stride behind in this case. 

With a soft and firm midsole, Rincon 3 will still feel good after 80 kilometers of running. Its midsole is airy with lots of rubber covering, making it smooth and swift. The forefoot of this shoe has a diagonal pattern that also gives you a faster feel. 

Performance – Hoka Clifton 8 Vs. Rincon 3

Clifton 8 moderately performs for a long time, while Rincon 3 performs intensely in a short. The better explanation is Clifton 8 is a shoe for a long race of moderate speed. And the Rincon 3 will allow you to run speedily but only for a short time. But in the case of comfort, none of them compromise slightly. 

Overall Opinion 

If you run daily and want a highly cushioned shoe, you can buy Clifton 8 without hesitation for a recovery or normal runs. With deep cushioning, plush upper, and durable outsole, this can be your friend for a long time. 

But for a versatile trainer that needs to be more lightweight and responsive, Rincon 3 is a wise choice. It can flexibly handle sprints, gym work, or other extremely hard work. 

Furthermore, the Rincon 3 is cheaper as it is less durable and stable than Clifton 8. 

Eventually, it ultimately depends on your preference for choosing these two. Clifton 8 is the best shoe to buy if you want a cushioned, balanced ride. And, if you want something more minimalistic and flexible, Rincon 3 would be the best choice. 

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