Hoka Gaviota 5 Review: The Ultimate Stability Shoe For Long Runs 

The Hoka Gaviota 5 is a stable and comfortable shoe for long runs and heel pain. It has a new upper and a H-frame midsole for support and cushioning. It’s a plush and reliable shoe for any road surface.

Who Should Buy

Runners who need extra support and protection from heel pain or planter fasciitis seem to be more appropriate buyers for this shoe. 

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Who Should Not Buy 

If you prefer a lighter and more flexible shoe, you may not find it the best fit. 

First Impression

I’m an athlete who loves running, but I also have some challenges that make it harder for me to enjoy it. I have flat feet and very low arches, which cause me to overpronate and heel strike when I run. This puts a lot of stress on my joints and can lead to pain and injuries, especially in my heels and arches. I have tried many different running shoes, but none of them seemed to provide me with the support and cushioning that I need. 

That’s why I was so impressed when I came across the Hoka Gaviota 5 online. It’s a new model that will be released on Sept 15, 2023, and it claims to be a premium stability shoe for runners like me who need extra support and cushioning. I decided to do some research and find out more about this shoe and what it can offer me.

As I browsed through the Hoka website, I learned that the Gaviota 5 is one of their most cushioned shoes, offering a plush and forgiving ride on any terrain. It has a thick midsole with a low heel drop and a rocker shape, which are designed to reduce stress on the joints and improve efficiency. It also has a H-Frame technology that provides stability and guidance without adding extra weight or stiffness. These features sounded perfect for me, as they would help me correct my gait and prevent injuries.

I also liked the look and feel of the Gaviota 5. It has a snug and secures fit, with a pillowy tongue and memory foam collar for enhanced comfort. The upper mesh is made with recycled materials, which is great for the environment and also lightweight and breathable. The shoe also has a durable rubber outsole with high-wear placement, which makes it ideal for long runs or walks on hard surfaces. The shoe comes in different widths and colors, so I can choose the one that suits me best.

The more I learned about the Gaviota 5, the more I wanted to try it out. It seemed to be the perfect shoe for me, and I couldn’t wait to see how it would feel on my feet. I think it would help me run faster, longer, and more comfortably, without compromising on style or quality. The Gaviota 5 is the definition of a premium stability shoe with its comfort, support, and durability.

Upper Mesh 

I’m very fond of the upper mesh of the Gaviota 5. It’s not only comfortable and breathable, but also eco-friendly and durable. Hoka shows that they care about the environment and sustainability by making the upper mesh with recycled materials.

I appreciate that they are using their resources wisely and reducing their carbon footprint. My feet stay cool and dry during my runs because the upper mesh is also lightweight and airy. I don’t have to worry about sweating or chafing, even on hot days or long distances.

A snug and secure fit is another benefit of the upper mesh, which makes me feel confident and stable on any surface. My feet are hugged by a pillowy tongue and memory foam collar that enhance my comfort level. 

The shoe also has a structural fit for the midfoot and heel, which delivers better lateral support and guidance. This is especially important for me, as I need extra stability and correction for my overpronation. By keeping my feet aligned and balanced, the upper mesh helps me avoid injuries and pain.

The upper mesh of the Gaviota 5 is one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to trying this shoe. It seems to have everything I need for a comfortable and supportive run: comfort, breathability, eco-friendliness, durability, fit, and stability. The upper mesh is a key component of this premium stability shoe with its plush cushioning.

Sole Unit 

Gaviota 5’s sole unit amazed me too, which looks very different from other shoes. It has a H-Frame design, which is a firmer foam that runs along the edges of the shoe and wraps around the heel. It looks like it would provide a lot of support and guidance for my foot without being too rigid or intrusive.

The midsole is made of  RMAT which is a material that Hoka claims to be more durable and resilient than standard EVA. It looks very cushy and light, and I wonder how it would feel on the road. RMAT also has some rubber-like properties that improve the grip and traction of the outsole, which has some rubber zones for extra durability.

The Hoka Gaviota 5 has a 5 mm heel-to-toe drop which is lower than most stability shoes. I like the idea of running in a more natural and efficient form, as well as reducing the stress on my Achilles tendon and calf muscles. The low drop also looks like it would make the shoe more stable and balanced.

Overall, I am impressed by the sole unit of the Hoka Gaviota 5. It looks like it would offer a lot of cushioning and stability without being too heavy or bulky. I can’t wait to order a pair and try them out for myself.


Lastly, all I can say is that the Hoka Gaviota 5 is awesome. It has a new upper that feels snug and comfy, and a H-frame that keeps my feet stable. It’s great for long runs and heel pain. The Gaviota 5 is a cushy and dependable shoe that you should try out. 

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