How Long After Pedicure Can I Wear Shoes

Are you in a situation of leaving the saloon with a pedicure on your nails? You may be asking then, “Gosh! How long after the pedicure can I wear shoes?” 

Don’t bother; we’ve some ideas for you.

Though you can’t wear shoes for 8-12 hours after the pedicure, you can, by the way, after 1 hour with the right sandals. Even if you don’t get sandals that suffocate your nails, we have plans to keep your nails safe until you reach home. 

So, don’t get swamped by stress. Just take some time, hold your breath, and read our article thoroughly to know your next step. 

How Long After Pedicure Can I Wear Shoes

It’s difficult for you to attend an event right after a pedicure. So, the question is, how long must you wait? Well! The answer depends on the kind of pedicures you take. 

The method your nail technician follows and the amount of polish your nails have are the matter of concern. If the process keeps the moisture long and the polish amount is a lot, waiting twelve hours will be wise before wearing shoes. 

But you can’t wait that long in a saloon, can you? So, take at least one hour to get the nails a little bit dry, and find our recommended shoes below. Once you have the right shoes, reach your home and give the nails enough time to dry. 

However, if you can’t find the required shoes and hesitate to wear one of the closed ones, follow the method we’ve instructed in the later part of this content. 

Types of Shoes to Wear After Pedicure 

Though shoes are not recommended right after the pedicure due to the wetness, emergencies obey no bounds. If you face such emergencies, see which shoes you can wear after a pedicure. 

  • Flip-Flops: Flip-flops keep the nails suffocated and protected at the same time. If you can get a thick sole flip flop, it’ll keep your toes far from the surface. 
  • Open-toed Shoes: Open-toed shoes can be appropriate if they can keep your toes safe, But how do you detect a safe open-toed shoe? For this, always find the one that has a thick sole. 
  • Flat Boots or Sneakers: You may wonder how can boots or sneakers be appropriate in your condition. Don’t worry; following our method below, you can wear these shoes in emergencies. 

An Ideal Way You Can Follow to Wear Shoes After A Pedicure 

Wearing shoes after a pedicure is allowed only when necessary. That means you can’t wear shoes whenever you wish. But if you need to wear them on an emergency basis, you can always follow our instructed way to keep your feet safe. 

  • Take some cuticle oils and rub them on your toes. 
  • Wrap your feet with smooth plastic. 
  • Put your shoes on. 

This method will keep your nail paint from getting smudged. 

Shoes to Avoid After A Pedicure 

Mostly open-toed shoes and heels are what doctors recommend not to wear. See why: 

Heels: Heels transform all your body weights on the toes. Since nails remain sensitive after the pedicure, heels badly affect your feet. So, don’t wear heels after a pedicure. 

Sandals: Since sandals leave the toe open, there’s a chance your nails touch harmful things on the road. That’s why doctors say to avoid sandals. Even if you don’t walk in dirty places wearing sandals, there’s a chance your toe catches the germ and causes infection. 

Open-toed shoes: A few open-toed shoes are forbidden after a pedicure. Shoes with thin soles should be avoided. If by any chance, your toenails get touched by hard things, it’ll bring severe damage. 

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