Nobull vs Hoka: All The Differences You Need to Know

If you have been looking for a perfect pair of shoes for your day-to-day activities, you may have stumbled upon Nobull and Hoka.

While both are amazing, Nobull is more robust and perfect for sports while Hoka leans a bit toward comfort and convenience. However, there are a few more subtle differences. 

Nobull vs Hoka: Which One to Buy

If you take a few minutes to closely analyze the differences between Nobull and Hoka, you will eventually realize which one is the ideal choice for you. But before getting into details, take a quick look at basic contrasts below,

DurabilityReinforced toe box and abrasion-resistant stretchy mesh panel for breathability and protection against wear and tearLightweight, supportive material gives a durable construction.
Sole UnitRubber pods that provide traction on most surfaces while also providing protection against wear and tearOversized rubber sole with multi-directional lugs for outstanding grip and stability on uneven terrain
Upper UnitStretchy mesh panel with breathabilityLightweight mesh upper that wraps around the foot for a secure fit
Overall OpinionRugged look and feelLightweight and comfortable

Now let’s get into the details. 


A shoe’s durability strictly depends on the build material and the quality of finishing. In this regard, both Nobull and Hoka are extremely sturdy shoes. But they certainly do have their differences.

Nobull is made from hyper-text synthetic leather. An abrasion-resistant stretchy mesh panel provides extra protection not only to the feet but also to the shoe itself. Its sole unit has rubber pods that offer traction on almost all kinds of surfaces while keeping the shoe safe from tear and wear. Overall, it has pretty solid durability.

On the other hand, due to being a bit lightweight, Hoka is comparatively less durable. But this doesn’t mean you should take its durability for granted. In my experience, this shoe feels quite premium. The supportive material of this shoe is built from flexible rubber. This kept the shoes safe and neat in my 30 min jogging session.

However, if I were to choose a shoe based on durability, I would go for Nobull. Although there aren’t many differences, Nobull is slightly better than Hoka.

Sole Unit

The sole unit of a shoe determines the comfort and convenience of having a pair on. Depending on the quality and durability of the sole unit, you can utilize your shoes accordingly. A strong, robust sole will get you through rough sports, hardcore workouts, and extreme adventures. On the other hand, a flexible sole unit offers the comfort you need to have a pair of shoes on for prolonged hours in your everyday life.

Nobull shoes are equipped with rubber pods in the sole unit. These rubber soles provide extra traction on all kinds of surfaces. Not only this, but they also provide protection against wear and tear. This sole unit makes Nobull a perfect choice for hardcore sports and daring adventures like rock-climbing.

On the contrary, Hoka has an oversized rubber sole with multi-directional lugs. This offers outstanding grip and stability even on uneven terrain. The jumbo-sized soles are also popular for comfort as they facilitate better blood circulation, keeping your body active even if you are just standing. This is why I would choose Hoka for everyday usage and Nobull for extreme activities.

Upper Unit

The upper unit is the most significant part of a shoe that determines how much comfort your feet are likely to get. Nobull and Hoka are diverse at this point as well. Nobull is equipped with hypertext synthetic leather upper. It has an additional toe box beneath an abrasion-resistant stretchy mesh panel. This is popular for its breathability and anti-wear protection. However, being a tight-fitting shoe, it does not let the air pass through quietly fluently. This is why I prefer Nobull during the winter season.

On the other hand, Hoka has lightweight mesh with extreme breathability. I had them on for hours and my feet still remained comfy whereas Nobull would’ve made my feet burn, Hoka kept it cool.

But I would not put on Hoka in winter because the excess breathability would chill down my toes.

Overall Opinion

From my experience, I can tell that Nobull and Hoka, despite being similarly astounding shoes, are engineered to serve different purposes. The rugged feel and look, along with sturdy durability makes Nobull a good choice for sports and rough usage. I would pick it up for my next rugby match or for my next tracking.

On the other hand, the lightness and comfort of Hoka makes it an ideal option for everyday usage. It would be with me on my daily jogging and casual exercises.

However, all in all, you cannot go wrong with either. But still, keep an open mind, determine your needs, and take a decision accordingly.

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