Oofos vs Hoka: Which Brand Is Best To Rely On?

When people wear sandals for relaxation or to recover from a foot injury, the first two brands that come to mind are Oofos and Hoka. These brands are known for providing recovery shoes constantly with quality materials. But which brand would you prefer in the battle of Oofos vs Hoka? Well, that would take a bit long discussion. 

Hoka sandals are made with some extra bit of footwear so you can have health products on your feet, while Oofos sandals come with adequate heels to take off your knee pressure. Both these shoes have reliable upper units that are made for your comfort. 

Now let’s see which one to choose after analyzing their characteristic. 

Sole unit

Both Oofos and Hoka feature foam in the midsole. Oofos use Oafoam that absorbs your feet nicely and reduce stress from the sandal at the same time. On the other hand, Hoka uses EVA foam which is lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

However, the foam that Oofos use is much lighter than the Hokas. Yet Hoka’s foam feels much fluffier. Hoka’s sandals also offer traditional oversized footbeds that provide enough space and the smoothest touch to your foot’s muscles. But you can’t wash Hoka’s foam in the washing machine. You, however, can use hot water and soap to clean this sandal

Oofos, on the other side, has a biomechanical design that provides excellent arch support appropriate for a recovery sandal. Oofos sandals are made from a proprietary new foam that absorbs shock, reduces pain, and protects muscles. Another special thing about this foam is it doesn’t hold any odor or moisture. 

Winner: Oofos (As you can wash these sandals in the washing machine). 

Upper Unit 

Oofos uses synthetic leather in the upper unit. This material can be durable but less breathable than expected. However, this upper material is appropriate for hiking and other intense activities. 

Hoka sandals come with a soft, breathable mesh that is comfy. This material is appropriate in the sun as they remain soft and cool in hot weather. Hoka’s upper unit also provides incredible arch support. 

Regarding the design, Oofos sandals have two thick EVA “straps” across your forefoot, while Hoka’s sandals provide seven thinner strips. Hoka’s covering looks much more stylish than Oofos’s. 

Winner: Hoka (As they cover a wider area of your foot).  


As Oofos sandals foam is outside, they are considered less durable. But they provide the coziest touch and can easily withstand the roughest surface. If you only wear them for the beach and pool, who knows, they can last more than you expect. 

Hoka’s sandals are supposed to last longer and tolerate much wear and tear. Since they have rubber materials, they can be your horse for a long race. Approximately these sandals can last between 300 to 500 miles

Winner: Hoka. 

Heel-To-Toe Drop 

Oofos sandals have a 6mm heel-to-toe drop. This structure helps people with knee problems. That’s why Oofos sandals are considered the most appropriate recovery sandals in the market. 

Hoka comes with the most moderate heel-to-toe drop of 4mm. This drop is assumed to be the most balanced and adequate. It also provides good support to your feet. 

Winner: Oofos. 

Size & Fit 

Oofos sandals are known for their true-to-size fitting. You can order their usual size and hope they will fit your foot. On the other hand, Hoka sandals are oversized. They’ll tend to run a little while wearing. Don’t forget to mention your feet size to the seller when you order these sandals. 

Winner: Oofos. 


Oofos sandals are sleek and stylish. They’re available in black, white, and brown color. These sandals are appropriate with multiple outfits for several occasions. 

Hoka sandals come in various ranges of colors. But they appear in a sporty outlook. You can only wear them with a casual outfit on informal occasions. 

Winner: Both


The Oofos sandals weigh around 4.6 oz. The lengthier size you buy, the heavier form you’ll get of them. However, their construction is lightweight and made true to size, which initially reduces the chance of being overweight. 

The Hoka sandals are slightly overweight compared to Oofos. A men’s size Hoka sandals pair come in 6.4 oz. However, they feel incredibly light if you have no foot injury. 

Winner: Oofos. 


Oofos sandals are slightly less expensive than Hoka’s. They are available at $59.95 at the time we’re writing. On the other hand, Hoka sandals are sold at $69 on amazon. 

Winner: Oofos. 


Both these sandals are easy to wear and use. You can easily slip them off while entering a house. Also, Oofos sandals can easily be packed in small suitcases and carry-on bags. And Hoka sandals come in the most flexible form that you can easily tighten and loosen when necessary. 

While wearing for a longer time, Oofos sandals may cause you itching due to their synthetic leather upper materials. Or, this material can break down after a few months of regular use. Also, their heels may bother some normal users. But, Hoka sandals have no such hardships and come with almost flat heels. 

Winner: Hoka 

Overall Opinion 

Oofos and Hoka Both these sandals are suitable for recovery use. They are shock-absorbing and thus take off the pressure from your joints. You can also wear any health product around your feet while wearing these sandals without hesitation. 

If you look at some Hoka sandals, they have wider footbeds with the thickest midsole and sole rocker design. Their slides are also a better choice with supportive upper and deeper heels. But if you have narrower feet, Oofos sandals will be for you

In fact, Oofos sandals are constructed only by keeping the recovery process in mind. If you look at their formation, they have been built with enhanced heels that constantly release the pressure from the knee and provide comfort. Considering this fact, people with knee injuries can surely go for Oofos sandals without second thoughts.

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