What Color Shoes To Wear With A Khaki Dress

Khaki dresses are classy yet the most stylish outfit you can have. Pairing it with the right color of shoes can be confusing because of its unique color. But don’t worry; we’ve come up with multiple options. 

Beige, brown, nude grey, and contrast green are the most appropriate shoes you can choose for your khaki dresses. If you want to bring a pop color, brighter red or yellow would be a good option. Including them, we’ve got a lot more alternatives for you. 

Just take a seat, and scroll down to know the best shoe color for a khaki dress and in our next blog we will talk briefly about the shoes to wear with linen pants.

What Color Shoes To Wear With A Khaki Dress 

The following is a list of shoes that matches the khaki dresses as the dress matches you. Just be sure they’re glowing with your outfit perfectly. 

Beige Shoes 

Beige shoes have something that makes a woman instantly beautiful. Especially when the shoes pair up with a khaki dress, it creates a perfect image. Beige is also considered the closet hue of skin tone, so this can be the first choice you make. 

Black Shoes 

Black shoes are classic and appropriate for every occasion you attend. In fact, with a khaki dress, this color looks more formal and chic. And for a summer outfit, this is the best you can choose. 

Gold Shoes 

Gold shoes always add a bit of extra glamour to your outfit. Paring them with a khaki green dress makes you more glamorous. And if it’s a sunny day, your outfit will glitter more with this combination. 

Brown Shoes 

Brown is the closet coloring of Khaki. That’s why brown shoes match adequately with khaki dresses. The sophisticated look you get from this pairing will allow you to attend any event you wish. 

Silver Shoes 

For a festive occasion, silver shoes are the perfect match with Khaki dresses. These shoes are bright, shiny, and bold. It’s easier to catch attention wearing silver shoes with light Khaki dresses. 

Green Shoes 

Green shoes are the most appropriate match for Khaki dresses, according to some designers. Both colors are matchy and bring a natural look. So, don’t be shy about wearing green shoes with khaki dresses. 

White Shoes 

White looks classy on your feet. The contrast it provides not only highlights the shoes but the dress as well. An off-white pair of shoes or brighter ones look cool on a darker or light khaki dress. 

Nude Shoes 

Nude shoes always look chic with a Khaki dress. As the shoes have a neutral hue, they normally make your outfit glitter. And the most amazing thing is this combination goes with any season. 

Yellow Shoes 

Yellow shoes have the power to lightning your khaki dress anytime. Whether sunny yellow or the demure mustard one, these shoes match every casual or fancy event. 

Coral Shoes 

Coral shoes have a more appealing contrast and matchy hue for khaki dresses. Also, this color is less bold and more engaging. To get a more appealing appearance, coral shoes can be a great choice for dressing sense. 

Blush Shoes 

Blush is the sweetest neutral hue you can get. This light pinky color gives your outfit a chocolaty vibe that makes you look peculiar. The shoes also bring warmth to your outfit. 

Grey Shoes 

If you are searching for matching shoes, gray can be a great choice. Since this color isn’t trendy, you’ll be able to create a unique look for your outfit. And the gray color looks cool with khaki dresses. 

Navy Blue Shoes 

A less conventional color to pair with khaki dresses is navy blue. This is a classically more gorgeous color you can have as your footwear. Bright navy blue are the ones that give your khaki dress a noticeable look. 

Snake Print Shoes 

A stylish snake print pair of shoes with a khaki dress emerges as trendy. These shoes are edgy and classy. Snake-print shoes suit khaki dresses in a more glamorous way.

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The Best Shoes To Wear With Khaki Dresses 

Though the type of shoes you wear depends on the occasions you go. However, if you’re having trouble picking up the right shoe for a normal event, we’ll select it for you. 


Heels are always a good option until you’re attending an interview. If it’s a summer outfit, nothing can be better than a pair of heels. 


Pair up with sneakers if you want the casual look of your khaki dress. However, don’t mix it up with a fork. Otherwise, sneakers can go with any form of khaki dress you wear. 

Boat shoes 

Do you want a formal and classy appearance? Bolt shoes will bring the best out of your khaki dress. And if you’re in a snowy area, you can’t think of anything except these shoes. 

Monk straps 

A stylish yet classy look emerges with monk straps and a khaki outfit. If it’s a party or any formal event, you can wear these shoes matching their colors. These are the coolest types of footwear that suit every occasion. 

Penny loafers 

Casualty and coolness appear with a pair of penny loafers and a khaki dress. Just like your khaki outfit, penny loafers can be formal and informal. With slightly more squared-off toes, these shoes can be more sophisticated for a summer suit. 

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How Do You Pick The Right Shoe For A Khaki Dress

When it comes to picking the right colored shoes for a khaki dress, there is something you have to consider. First, observe the hue of your khaki dress. See if it’s lighter or dark. If it’s dark, you have to choose deep-colored shoes. 

Secondly, consider the form of your outfit. If it’s wider open, heels are the appropriate options to wear. But if you’re wearing sweaters or something like that, consider wearing boots or sneakers. 

Next, don’t allow your shoe to be more stylish than the outfit. If you’re on a casual dress, pick the more casual shoe. 

And last but not least, keep your shoeless glittering than the khaki dress. As we all know, khaki is not a striking color; so your shoes must be mild. 

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