What Shoes to Wear with Ankle Pants

Ankle pants, also known as cropped pants or capris, have become a popular modern wardrobe staple. From formal wear to casual men and women of different ages for its versatile and stylish appearance. But the look is not complete without the shoe that complements your outfit.

However, choosing the right shoes to wear with ankle pants can be tricky. The wrong shoes can make your outfit look unbalanced or awkward.

So, what shoes to wear with ankle pants? Well, it really depends on the occasion and season. You can wear sneakers, sandals or heels and just about any flats that do not cover your ankles. Here we will tell you exactly what shoes to pair with your ankle pants to create a chic and stylish look and in our next blog we will talk about What Shoes to Wear With Pajama Pants?.

Types of Shoes to Wear With Ankle Pants Depending on Seasons

With ankle pants, you have to wear different shoes in different seasons. The one you at summer won’t do much good against the cold. However, you can style your pants with the same kind of footwear in spring, summer, and in the rain.

So, what shoes to wear with ankle pants in winter or summer? Let’s see:

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In Winter

When it comes to winter fashion, finding the right shoes to wear with ankle pants can be a bit tricky. You want to stay warm and comfortable, but you also want to look stylish and put-together.

Booties: For me, I would definitely go with booties on any cold, fuzzy day. They are a great option for winter because they cover your ankles and keep your feet warm. Choose a pair with a chunky heel or platform for added height and style.

Don’t believe me? Well, Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Meghan Markle have been spotted wearing ankle pants with booties, pairing them with cozy sweaters and jackets for a chic and casual look. Sleek look, right?

Sneakers: For a more casual and comfortable option, I would go for sneakers just like Kendall Jenner. She is often seen on the streets wearing ankle pants and oversized coats for a casual but put-together winter outfit.

You can also try out trainers and gumshoes with your outfit. But don’t wear ankle boots, snow boots, or snow boots. They will cover up your ankles, defeating the purpose of the pants.

In Summer

When the weather gets warmer, ankle pants can be a great alternative to full-length pants. Uptown celebrities often pair roam around in the cities wearing different stylish ankle pants with their favorite footwear. So, what shoes to wear with ankle pants in summer?

Well, Chriselle Lim, the fashion and lifestyle influencer, often posts on her Instagram wearing ankle pants with sandals in the summer. She often chooses sandals with a block heel or ankle strap to add some height and interest to her outfit.

Some people even go with a sneaker. But if you have sweaty legs like me then I would suggest you go with something else. Pump shoes or ballerina flats are a great alternative to sneakers. They are comfortable and goes well with ankle pants and crop top in summer.

For a relaxed and beachy look, flip-flops can be a great option. Choose a pair with a fun print or colorful straps to add some personality to your outfit. You can also invest in some slides. For a formal sophisticated look, you can wear any type of heel like platform, or kitten heel.

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Footwear with Different types of Ankle Pants

If you own different types of ankle pants then you definitely need to look at your options from a different angle. And we are here to help you with that.

Cropped Ankle Pants

If you are thinking about what shoes to wear with cropped ankle pants then you have some great choices, Sneakers are a classic pair of sneakers that can add a touch of a sporty and casual vibe to your cropped ankle pants outfit. Loafers are a comfortable and stylish option for dressing up or down your cropped ankle pants.

Mules, Strappy Sandals, Pointed-Toe Flats, and Chunky Heels are also a few good options to explore.

Flare ankle pants

Surfing your head with the thought of what shoes to wear with flare ankle pants? Then we got you covered. For flare ankle pants, choose shoes that complement the wide leg and cropped length of the pants. Some great options include chunky platform sandals or wedges, pointed-toe pumps, or ankle boots with a block heel. These shoes will help balance out the volume of the pants and create a chic and stylish look.

Navy Ankle Pants

You can style Navy ankle pants with a variety of shoe styles. For a casual look, pair them with white sneakers or flat sandals. For a dressier occasion, opt for black or nude heels or pointed-toe flats. You can also add some texture to your outfit with snakeskin or leopard print shoes for a trendy touch.

Wide Ankle Pants

When it comes to wide-ankle pants, you need to choose the right shoes to balance out the volume and create a stylish and flattering look. So, what shoes to wear with wide-ankle pants to complement the look? Here are some unique shoe options to consider:

  • Platform Sneakers
  • Oxford Shoes
  • Slingback Heels
  • Flatform Sandals
  • Western Boots
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