What Shoes to Wear With Jogger Scrubs

Selecting the correct shoes complements your jogger scrubs, ensuring you present a polished and professional image.

Long hours require shoes that are supportive and comfy. The right pair can make a world of difference in how you feel at the end of the day.

Slip-resistant and supportive shoes are essential in many medical environments. Ensure your choice prioritizes your safety.

1. Athletic Sneakers

One of the most versatile and commonly worn shoes with jogger scrubs are athletic sneakers. They offer the right mix of support, comfort, and style. Choose a pair with good arch support and cushioning. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance have ranges that are particularly suited for healthcare professionals.

2. Slip-On Clogs

A mainstay in the healthcare industry, slip-on clogs like those from Dansko or Crocs provide the durability and support required for long shifts. Their easy-to-clean material and foot-cradling design make them a popular choice for many.

3. Professional Loafers

For those seeking a blend of formal style with the casual flair of jogger scrubs, professional loafers offer an ideal solution. Ensure the pair you choose have slip-resistant soles and are made of breathable material.

4. Ballet Flats

Simple yet elegant, ballet flats provide a feminine touch to jogger scrubs. Opt for ones with cushioned insoles and flexible soles for maximum comfort during long shifts.

5. Running Shoes

Specifically designed for prolonged usage, running shoes like those from Asics or Brooks can be a great ally. Their shock-absorbing capabilities and snug fit provide optimum support.

6. Lace-Up Boots

During colder months, lace-up boots can be both fashionable and functional with jogger scrubs. Look for ankle-length boots with a cushioned footbed and a sturdy sole for maximum benefit.

Shoes to Sidestep When Pairing with Jogger Scrubs

Just as there are shoes that elevate the appeal and comfort of these scrubs, there are others that might not be the best choices.

1. High Heels

While high heels can be a fashionable choice for many outfits, they might not be ideal for jogger scrubs for several reasons:

  • Comfort Issues: Wearing heels for prolonged periods can cause discomfort and might be challenging during long shifts.
  • Safety Concerns: Heels can be unstable on wet or slippery floors, often found in healthcare settings.
  • Incongruous Appearance: The formal appeal of heels may clash with the semi-casual style of jogger scrubs.

2. Sandals or Open-Toed Shoes

Though breezy and comfortable for casual wear:

  • Exposure: Open shoes might expose your feet to spills or dropped equipment.
  • Lack of Support: Many sandals don’t offer the arch and heel support needed for standing or walking for extended periods.

3. Hard Leather Dress Shoes

A classic staple in formal attire, these might not be the best for jogger scrubs:

  • Lack of Flexibility: Hard leather can restrict foot movement and become uncomfortable over time.
  • Styling Mismatch: The formal nature of these shoes might not gel well with the relaxed design of jogger scrubs.

4. Slippers

Though it might sound far-fetched, some might consider ultra-comfortable footwear like slippers. However:

  • Lack of Safety: Slippers don’t offer protection against spills or sharp objects.
  • Inadequate Support: They might not provide the necessary support and can lead to foot fatigue.

5. Platforms or Wedges

These can add height and style but might pose issues such as:

  • Stability Concerns: Platforms or wedges might increase the risk of ankle sprains or missteps.
  • Discrepancy in Style: The elevated and bold style of these shoes might overshadow the simplicity of jogger scrubs.

6. Decorative or Ornate Footwear

Shoes with large buckles, sequins, or other embellishments:

  • Cleaning Challenges: It can be difficult to maintain and clean ornate shoes, especially in environments where hygiene is paramount.
  • Style Overload: Overly decorative shoes might divert attention from the understated elegance of jogger scrubs.

Colors of Shoes That Suit Different Types of Jogger Scrubs

Here, we decode the palette of shoe colors to help you select the best match for various jogger scrub shades.

1. Classic Navy Scrubs

  • White or Gray Shoes: A safe bet that provides a neat, understated contrast.
  • Tan or Brown Shoes: Offers a muted earthy touch that complements the deep blue.

2. Timeless Black Scrubs

  • White Shoes: The high contrast makes the black scrubs pop.
  • Metallic Shades (Gold, Silver): Adds a hint of glam without overwhelming the outfit.

3. Cool Gray Scrubs

  • Black Shoes: Gives a sleek, monochrome look.
  • Bright Colors (Red, Electric Blue): Lends a vibrant touch, making the gray stand out.

4. Fresh Green Scrubs

  • Brown or Beige Shoes: Earthy tones that enhance the natural feel of green.
  • Black or Navy Shoes: For a harmonious blend that’s easy on the eyes.

5. Bright Blue Scrubs

  • White or Gray Shoes: Keeps the look clean and professional.
  • Yellow or Tan Shoes: Introduces a complementary color, adding a dash of style.

6. Radiant Red Scrubs

  • Black or Charcoal Shoes: Anchors the brightness of the red, giving a balanced appearance.
  • Nude or Beige Shoes: Softens the look, making it more approachable.

7. Vibrant Purple Scrubs

  • Silver or Gray Shoes: Complements the regal feel of purple.
  • Black Shoes: Offers a grounded and cohesive appearance.

8. Sunny Yellow Scrubs

  • Navy or Dark Blue Shoes: The deep blue offsets the brightness of yellow, creating a balanced ensemble.
  • White Shoes: Keeps the outfit light, cheerful, and fresh.

9. Earthy Brown Scrubs

  • Cream or Ivory Shoes: Provides a delicate contrast, lending a sophisticated touch.
  • Green or Olive Shoes: Enhances the earthiness, ideal for those who prefer a nature-inspired look.

10. Serene White Scrubs

  • Black or Charcoal Shoes: A classic combination that never fails.
  • Colored Shoes (Red, Blue, Green): Let your shoes be the pop of color, making your attire lively and engaging.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes for Jogger Scrubs

Always prioritize fit over style. An ill-fitting shoe can lead to discomfort and potential foot problems. Especially if you’re working in a healthcare setting, it’s essential to have shoes that offer good grip.

Breathable materials like mesh or leather can keep your feet fresh. If you’re on your feet all day, custom orthotic inserts can provide additional support.

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