What Color Shoes To Wear With Rust/Burnt Orange Dresses: From A Fashion Designer’s Point Of View 

If you’ve selected a burnt orange dress to make yourself look peculiar, I would say it’s a fantastic decision. But have you considered what color shoes to wear with rust/burnt orange dresses? This could be a big matter of discussion as orange dresses don’t match every color of shoes. 

Many fashion designers recommend gold and dark red shoes for Rust or Burnt orange dresses. However, i’ve come up with bunches of options for you. Scroll down and know fashion designers’ insights from our following list. 

What Color Shoes To Wear With Rust/Burnt Orange Dresses

A burnt orange dress is always cheerful. So you must choose charming shoes for it. As we all know, Red Dresses are becoming a sensation, we’ve also written a piece of content for the girls who wants to know about what shoes to wear with red dress.

Below I’ve explained what shoes match a Rust/burnt orange dress and why:

Nude Shoes 

You can always start with a neutral shoe to get over your confusion. Nude shoes are the most neutral color. Finding a pair of Nude shoes that match your skin tone will make your dress glow a lot more. 

Brown Shoes 

Brown shoes perfectly match burnt orange dresses and create a warm and cozy look. This color is the closest shade of burnt orange, adding extra warmth to your outfit. With the same color handbag, you can make yourself prettier than ever. 

Gold Shoes 

If you want to bring glamour to your outfit, you can go for gold shoes. In fact, gold-colored shoes are a perfect match for Rust or burnt-orange dresses as both are warm colors. Also gold color shoes goes really well with apricot dress.

With mini dresses, gold shoes can make your appearance luxurious.

Black Shoes 

A pair of black heels will bring a classic and sophisticated look with your burnt orange dresses. Black and burnt orange combine wonderfully if you’re wearing them on formal occasions. And if you’re going for black shoes, don’t forget to wear black accessories like clutches and belts. 

Navy Blue 

Navy blue is okay until it turns into actual blue. Though the color isn’t striking, it will add depth to your outfit. You can also attend formal events wearing navy blue shoes with a burnt/rust orange dress. 

Emerald Green/ Khaki Green or Olive Green  

Olive Green, Khaki Green, or Emerald Green suit the rust/burnt orange color until you mix them with natural green. In fact, these colors have some earthy hues that make your outfit peculiar. To match the outfit, khaki dresses are a good option to pair with khaki color shoes.

I suggest Emerald Green for more formal occasions and Olive Green for casual events. And the best combination of this combo is to wear the burnt orange sweater with khaki green ankle boots and finish the outfit with a matching handbag. 

Dark Red Shoes 

Wine red or dark red is the perfect color for burnt orange dresses, giving your outfit a bit of pop. This color will have a similar attraction as the dress yet reflect the outfit more gorgeously. This combo will make you look like a burnt queen on a sunny day. 

Cream shoes 

Cream shoes are more appealing. Though this color is neutral, try to get the deepest shade of it. This creates a great soft look on you and, on a summer day, makes you the sexiest woman on the planet. 

White shoes 

To get the coolest appearance, a pair of white shoes can be a perfect fit. With a casual burnt or classy rust orange dress, this color can evolve your outfit striking. White ankle boots, tennis shoes, or other white sandals should be your good outlook on the feet. 

Beige Shoes

Don’t forget about the beige shoes. It’s a perfect combination for a burnt orange dress. It can go better if your beige shoe looks nude. This will please people eye’s and reflect the softened vibe of your outfit.

Shoes Not To Wear with An Orange Outfit 

Do you know which colors will not match your burnt or rust-orange dress? I bet you don’t know about this.

So, let’s finish the content after telling you about shoes that should be avoided in this case:

Green Shoes: Green shoes will look awkward and make you look like a pumpkin. So, avoid green shoes to combine with a burnt orange dress. Green shoes should always be overlooked until you’re attending a Halloween party. 

Yellow Shoes: As you can imagine how weird you would look, yellow shoes must be ignored with a burnt orange dress. This color is not only striking but also a bit more bright for people’s eyes. 

Blue: A bright blue shoe won’t look good on your burnt orange outfit unless it’s navy or deep. If you wear it, you will look clownish. Try to avoid this shoe as well. 


Does Gold or Silver look better with Burnt Orange?

Gold looks better with burnt orange, as it adds richness and complements the color well.

While silver can still work with burnt orange, gold is generally considered the better option for jewelry and accessories

What Nail colors go with Burnt Orange Dress?

Neutral shades such as cream, nude, white, navy, and gray are the best nail polish colors to pair with an orange dress.

Gold or bronze can also be complementary choices. Red and orange are complimentary colors, but red nail polish may be too bold for a red-orange dress.

What color does Jewelry go with Burnt Orange?

Gold jewelry is a great option to wear with burnt orange clothing, as it complements the color nicely.

Other options like warm-toned metallic-based jewelry such as hues of bronze, or colors like teal, lime green, turquoise, purple, navy blue, and bone go well with orange dresses.

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