What Shoes To Wear With Sweater Dress: A Proper Guidance To  Make Your Winter Outfit Awesome

Winter is coming, and so are we. As you’re about to change your get-up, we can’t let you wear imperfect shoes with your sweater dress. You can’t have your favorite heels if they don’t match your sweaters, right? That’s why we bring numerous footwear options for you that are suitable for winter outfits. 

Boots are considered the most appropriate option for sweaters. You can also have trainers, pumps, or wedges. However, things will depend on your sweater’s type, occasion, or any tights or legging you wear. But don’t worry; we’ll make your selection easier with proper guidance. 

Just follow us till the end and see what shoes to wear with sweater dress in the upcoming winter.

Shoes To Wear With Sweater Dress 

Only matching the color will not be wise while pairing up shoes with sweater dresses. You must consider your sweater’s formation. An oversized sweater will most likely match closed-toed shoes, while short sweaters go perfectly with fancy sandals.

If you like to wear maxi dress In winter, the mules, loafers and flats will be a better option and just like that some other options will be suitable for sweater dress.

See the following to get everything in detail.


Sandals create a chic appearance with sweaters. It may sound odd, but it actually a perfect match if you’re not shivering from the cold. Mini sweaters or long ones are both the perfect combinations for it. This creates an old-school outfit that also makes you look different from others. 


Mules are the hottest trend with sweater dresses. They are classy and dressy at the same time. You can wear them on any occasion you wish. They also prevent colds. With a leather jacket or hoodie, mules can be your perfect choice of footwear. 


Trainers are good at preventing cold and stylish as well. They look super chic with white color sweaters and are trendy for winter. A classic pair of leather sneakers can make your winter outfit superior. 


Loafers look amazing and feel comfortable no matter the outfit. The shoes have an almost similar appearance to the booties, so they suit perfectly with sweaters. With black tights and a sweater, a pair of black loafers prepare you for every occasion you want to go. 


Nothing can stop you from having a fashionable outfit, not even in the winter. So, if the weather is not very chilly, get your heels out of your wardrobe and wear them without hesitation. Heels look attractive with sweaters and give you the gorgeous outfit you crave. 


To create an extra bold look and prevent cold simultaneously, boots are the ultimate choice with sweaters. In fact, these shoes come to mind at first when finding the perfect footwear for sweaters. And there are multiple options to choose from. That’s why we’ll show you all the options you can have with the boots. 

  • Knee-high boots 

Knee-high boots are not only stylish, but they are also good at preventing cold. They make your outfit special with their stunning appearance. By providing extra warmth to your legs, they also make your legs look longer. 

  • Ankle boots 

Ankle boots emerge with a sophisticated look and a feminine silhouette. They take your appearance to a different level with their aesthetic design. A matching pair of ankle boots also enhance your confidence high. 

  • Combat boots 

For a bold appearance, combat boots are a perfect choice. They usually look great with long-sized thick, leathered sweater dresses. Just ensure the boots are polished and you’re wearing matching color accessories. 

  • Thigh high boots 

If you want to wear mini sweaters yet want to protect your legs from the cold, thigh-high boots are the appropriate solution. They cover your legs to the thighs and create a stylish outfit. With an extra layer of style, coziness, or warmth, thigh-high boots ensure your perfect appearance. 

  • Booties 

To deter the boldness and add an extra layer of chicness, booties are the trendy option you can have. There’s also the option between heel booties and flat booties. They come in a curvy shape and enhance your beauty with a glowing feminine vibe. 

  • Slouchy boots 

Sweaters are usually heavy-looking dresses. Slouchy boots balance the look in the best possible way. These shoes are the smart option to pair with sweaters. Whether you have a short, mini or long sweater, slouchy boots match perfectly and create a high-fashioned impression. 

  • Cowboy boots 

Cowboy boots are a great choice to make your outfit a bit wild. These shoes are bold, traditional and cozy. Almost all sorts of sweaters look great when you wear cowboy boots. 


Flat shoes bring the classic look and are versatile as well. Silver Flats go really well with turquoise dress and you can wear them on various occasions. With black leggings and sweaters, flats can elevate your appearance.


Pumps are trendy with sweaters if you’re not in a snowy place. A matching pair of pumps give you the stylish look you want and complement your sweater efficiently. Whether it’s a short, midi, or long sweater, pumps can be your ultimate choice.  


Though you may feel uneasy wearing sneakers with sweaters, these shoes look stunning with long dresses. So, if you have any long-sized sweaters, feel free to pair sneakers with them. This will create an aesthetic look. 

Peep Toe 

For a thin layered sweater, peep-toe shoes are the perfect match. Its casual design elevates your look and boosts your confidence high. Since the shoes have a bit of high heels, you’ll have the feeling of wearing heels at the same time. 


Wedges are the best footwear you can wear if the weather is not so cold. They add a fancy touch to your outfit and prepare you well for big events. Wedges can make your legs look longer and catch people’s attention. 


Ballerinas are the perfect footwear for long-sized sweater dresses. They look cool, comfy, and stylish and make you feel better. For light-colored sweaters, go for the nude ballerinas that are available.

What Shoes To Wear With Sweater Dress And Tights

Suppose you wish to have tights, but your preferred shoe doesn’t complement the dress. What will you do? You must select suitable footwear that looks perfect on your stylish outfit. 

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are the perfect choice for a sweater dress with tights. This combination is trendy delicate, and classic. Flats look damn good when you walk on the street wearing tights in the winter. 


Everybody loves loafers. It is because they suit every outfit. These shoes will complement your tights and provide comfortable walking. At the same time, it’ll make your look attractive. 


Platforms are considered the most appropriate footwear for tights. These shoes are trendy, so wearing them will give you confidence. Besides, it’ll bring glamour to your outfit. 

Snow Boots

Snow boots will allow you to have tights in a snow area. They’ll cover your feet and provide you warm while you can go out wearing short sweaters with tights. In fact, these shoes look unique and beautiful when you wear them with tights or leggings. 

Pointed Toe Pumps

Pointed-toe pumps will make you feel that they have made for tights. Their stylish curvy shape suit with your tight and brings an aesthetic look to you. These shoes are fancy and also romantic as well. 

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots will never make you look outdated. They’re a worthy investment if you want to pair them with tights. They’re easy to wear and appear chic and bold appearance. 

What Shoes To Wear With Sweater Dress And Leggings

Leggings require extra attention on footwear to spread glamour. And we’ll ensure you don’t miss the glamour at any cost. See the appropriate shoes for a sweater dress with leggings. 

Slip-on Sneakers 

Slip-on sneakers bring an athletic look with leggings. With an oversized sweater or a short one, slip-on sneaker matches perfectly and covers any outfit flaw. This is the coolest option you can have with a winter outfit. 


For a casual look, loafers can be a great choice with sweaters and leggings. They look elegant and complement your outfit in the most suitable way. Feel free to pair loafers with leggings unless you attend a formal occasion. 


Over-the-knee boots are perfect in a snowy area. They match with leggings beautifully and provide you warmth simultaneously. These boots enhance the glamour of your outfit a lot more. 


Heels are a great way to complement your leggings. With fitting sweaters and leggings, heels bring glamour to your winter outfit and make you look hot. A sunglass is just what you need to complete the get-up. 


Slides are fashionable, comfy and casual fit for leggings. They look aesthetic when you wear them with sweaters and leggings in winter. If there’s no snow in your area and the sun is peeping through the cloud, don’t miss wearing slides with leggings.  

How To Choose A Proper Shoe For Sweater Dresses 

What shoes you will wear with sweater dresses depends on the type of sweater you wear or the occasion you go to. Matching shoes is important with sweater dresses because not all sweaters or occasions suit the same shoe. For instance, if you’re wearing a hoodie, attending a formal event and using heels won’t make sense. 

To pair with perfect shoes with a sweater dress, you must determine the type of sweater, whether it’s classy or casual. Also, inspect the fabric. A thin layer of fabric on a sweater goes well with fancy shoes. On the other hand, if your sweater is of thick materials, boots are the appropriate match. 

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