What Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dress In Winter

Can you wear open-toe shoes or stylish heels in winter? Even if you do, will they suit your maxi dress? We’re afraid they won’t. That’s why we’ll show you what shoes to wear with maxi dress in winter and in our next blog we will put together a list of shoes that goes well with Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress.

As we all know, boots provide warmth, so these shoes are the first choice for winter. They also cover your feet and come in long shapes that fit perfectly with a long-size outfit like maxi. But what if your mind wants to try something more stylish? 

Don’t worry; you can find the style among boots. Even if you don’t, you can simply scroll down our content and find your best match. So, let’s give it a shot. 

Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dress In Winter 

If you choose boots, you have several options among them. Even if you don’t, many shoes match your maxi dress and the winter season, so closed toes are a good option for maxi dresses.

Below we’ve shortlisted them for you. 


Boots are a fabulous choice for pairing them with a maxi in winter. With the height, boots give you extra warmth that most shoes fail. They appear bold with a bohemian look that catches people’s eye instantly. 

Since there are lots of varieties of boots, we’ve come up with all the options you can have: 

  • Combat boots 

Combat boots bring a classic vibe with your maxi dress. They appear in black that easily suit any contrast of your outfit. Whether your maxi is short or long, this boot will make your outfit look elegant. 

  • Ankle boots 

Ankle boots are all about warmth, comfort, and class. They have a pitch-black hue that looks bold and more classic. Ankle boots also offer high and low soles that are easily suitable for maxi dresses. 

  • Tall boots 

You can’t go out in the snow without tall boots. Even for a party or wedding, you can confidently make them your footwear. They reflect the strong personality of their users and glow as classy shoes on the surface. 

  • Snow boots 

There is a boot that’s specially made for snow. Pairing them with a maxi will make you look like a snow warrior. Snow boots are usually waterproof and have velcro closures that wrap around your feet and provide extra comfort and warmth. 

  • Cowboy boots 

Nothing is perfect for a great ancient vibe other than cowboy boots with maxi dresses. They are versatile, comfortable, and famous as well. To enhance your beauty, traditionally, go for cowboy boots in winter. 


Mules are an excellent choice for the winter season. With maxi, they look even more fashionable. Mules come in various colors, so if you go for them, you’ll have a lot of options. 


Loafers are always trendy and cozy. Whether it’s maxi or shorts, they suit nicely to your outfit. They are a great alternative to sandals and are stylish among many. 

Tennis Shoes 

Tennis shoes complement your maxi dress nicely, along with providing warmth. They come with a thick sole that makes them perfect for roaming in the snow. If you want a causal yet stylish look in your footwear, go for tennis shoes with your maxi dress. 


Flats are more comfortable and causal in appearance. If you intend to walk long, this can be your go-to pair. With the maxi dresses and sequin dresses, flat shoes bring a classy look that is hard to ignore. 


Sneakers are go-to shoes as they’re comfortable wearing and roaming. They cover your feet, so maxi dresses and the winter season are perfect for this. Hanging out with friends or long drives with beloved ones makes your journey cheerful with sneakers. 

Pointed-toe Pumps 

Pointed-toe pump shoes come with high heels that don’t sink into the snow. That’s why it’s appropriate to wear a maxi dress in winter. Its stylish look always attracts people to you. 

Wedge Heels 

If you want to try heels in winter, go for wedge heels. They’ll warm your feet by keeping them a bit high from the surface. And there will be no less of a striking appearance that every heel provides. 


Uggs are fantastic winter boots that provide warmth throughout the seasons. With such a long outfit like a maxi, they match perfectly as if they are made for each other. With the coziness, you can also have a bold style with these shoes. 

The Classic Mary Jane 

These shoes are classy and always bring a stylish appearance. Mary Janes are comfortable, versatile, and suit great with a maxi dress. They are also easy to slip on and off and ideal for winter months.

Which Boots Are The Best To Wear With A Maxi Dress During Winter? 

Ankle boots are great with their elegant look and shape. Their classy appearance also makes your outfit noticeable.

However, you can go for combat or snow boots if you’re in a snowy area. These shoes are warm and usually make for roaming on an icy surface. 

On the other hand, sneakers and loafers are considered the best shoes to wear with maxi dresses in winter. 

Are Tall Boots Good For Maxi Dress In Winter? 

Without a doubt, a pair of tall boots will look great with maxi dresses in winter. They’ll keep your legs warm by covering them. Also, tall boots make your legs look tall. These shoes are flexible as well, so there’s no worry about moving your legs every way around. 

Tall boots also have a classic appearance if they’re black and are appropriate for any formal or informal event. They have the ability to impress everyone around you. Since maxi dresses are usually tall, a pair of tall boots is the most amazing fit. 

How Long Should A Maxi Dress Be With Heels 

Anything short or long will create problems for a maxi dress with heels. To get the perfect length-to-floor ratio, keep the hem no more than half an inch off the surface. One inch would work, but anything shorter than this will make it no longer a maxi. 

On the other hand, if your maxi dress remains longer, it will easily rip down under your heels. So, if you’re planning for heels with your maxi dress, make your tailor look into the maxi size. 

How Long Should A Maxi Dress Be With Flats 

If you can make your maxi dress fall around your ankle, you can keep it with flats as long as you want. So, the main thing is to wear the proper size of a maxi dress. If it falls underneath the flats, it’ll take no time to tear up and make you feel bad. 

However, if you wear heels, this won’t be a problem. But with the flats, you must maintain the maxi size. That’s why we recommend keeping the size around the ankles so you can wear any shoe you want. 

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