What Color Shoes To Wear With Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress?

Have your best friend proposed to you to be her bridesmaid yet you are still in the agony of choosing the right color of shoes for the burgundy dress? Don’t worry, we’ll make things easier for you. 

Here we will talk about what color shoes to wear with burgundy bridesmaid dresses and in our upcoming blog we’ll discuss on how to choose Closed Toe Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dress. Just hold your breath, and read until you find the perfect shoe color for the wedding. 

Which Shoe Hue Complements a Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress Best?

Any type of deep-colored shoes goes adequately with a bridesmaid dress. In fact, your black-colored shoes can be a great fit. However, we’ve come up with 10 different choices to make your Bridesmaid outfit complete. You can also check our best list of shoes to pick for Sequin Dresses.

Silver Shoes 

Silver shoes have a metallic appearance, which is pretty high on the trending list. The color looks great on every outfit and gleams under the glistening sun.

So, if the party is most likely to be held in the daytime, choosing a pair of silver heels would be a great sense of dressing. 

Black Shoes 

Burgundy Bridesmaid dresses usually are of maroon color. The black shoes look great on them.

If you already have a pair of black-colored shoes in your closet, feel free to wear them. If you’re outing at night, it’ll fit you perfectly. 

Gold Shoes 

How would you feel seeing a piece of gold on your foot with a Burgundy dress?

We know you’re getting excited even imagining it. Gold shoes look fabulous in high heels with maroon dresses. Just ensure the color is dark gold. And the groomsmaids won’t stop gazing at you. 

Beige Shoes 

The beige color is faded and the sweetest tint you can have with a Burgundy dress. The pale pink hue of it makes you prettier, adding a bit of warmth to your outfit.

So, if you’re still confused about what shoes to wear with a Burgundy dress, get the beige shoes without a second thought. 

White Shoes 

Never underestimate the combination of red and white in your outfit. When the bright red color of the Burgundy dress sears the eyes of onlookers, white-colored shoes soothe their stares.

With a black or blush purse and a maroon-white outfit, you can be anyone’s Juliet at first glance. 

Brown Shoes

Brown shoes bring an elegant combo to your outfit. This color is peculiar and goes nicely with a maroon-colored dress. At the same time, it emerges to be a more casual look.

Brown shoes with a Burgundy Bridesmaid dress will make you look like the coolest person at the wedding. 

Contrast Red Shoes 

Contrast red shoes are meant to match Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses. And guess what?

You’ll instantly catch the spotlight with this intense color. The dilemma of choosing appropriate shoes for Burgundy dresses eventually ends with red-colored shoes. 

Nude Shoes 

Nude-color shoes are popular among many and suit pleasingly with any outfit. It is considered a type of Pink-beige-coffee-blend color in the fashion design world.

This faded color mixes nicely with Burgundy dresses and keeps your outfit glittering. 

Dusty-tones Shoes 

Shoes with dusty hues bring more of a feminine vibe with a bold and fun flare look.

Everybody wants to see the bridesmaid charming. These dusty shoes will complete your dress and make you the coolest of them all. 

Turquoise, Blue, and Purple Shoes 

Does any bluish color go with Burgundy? Yes, it does yet under some particular condition. If your Burgundy dress is the light, pale color of your shoes will match perfectly.

A bit of withered fabric would fit nicely with turquoise shoes. And, if you’re wearing a deep maroon Burgundy, deep blue footwear will be an ideal match.

How to Choose Shoes for Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress

To choose shoes for Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses, you have to keep two things in mind. If it is winter, go with maxi dress and choose these shoes.

First, check for the contrast of your shoes. See if it suits your rich-colored Burgundy dress. A pale perish shoe won’t be a good match for a brighter outfit. So, no matter the shoe color you choose, ensure it’s as bright as the Burgundy itself. 

Secondly, the shoe must fit your toe. If it doesn’t, it’ll not only make you look awkward but also wreck your confidence. Also, consider whether a high heel or the low one will be comfortable. Always prioritize comfort over your style.

What colors to avoid at a Wedding Event?

It can be a good idea to avoid wearing red, yellow, orange, white, or black to a wedding, as these colors may be associated with mourning or bad luck.

I think it’s also important to avoid any bright, flashy colors that may draw attention away from the bride and groom.

Also, avoid wearing overly casual clothing such as jeans and t-shirts, as this can be seen as disrespectful. It is best to dress in something more formal, such as a dress or suit, to show respect for the event.

What jewelry looks good with burgundy?

Jewelry that looks great with burgundy includes gold, rose gold, and silver. These colors naturally complement the richness of burgundy and help to bring out its boldness.

Gold, Rose Gold, and silver accessories are perfect for a night out, or to add a bit of sparkle to a day-time outfit.

Pearls, crystals, and gemstones are ideal for giving a more formal look. In fact, pearls are the most popular gemstone for those looking for a classic, timeless Look.

Lastly, I’ve asked a lot of women and 80% of them prefer to wear gold jewelry with burgundy clothing.

What’s the difference between maroon and burgundy Dresses?

Maroon is a dark red color, while burgundy is a deep reddish-purple color.

The difference between maroon and burgundy dresses can also be seen in the fabrics used to make them.

Maroon dresses typically have a matte finish, while burgundy dresses often have a glossy or satin finish.

Maroon fabrics tend to be heavier and thicker than burgundy fabrics, which are often lighter and airier.

The difference between the two colors also creates a different look; maroon dresses are often more muted, while burgundy dresses can appear more dramatic and eye-catching.

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