What Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dresses?

Sequin dresses are a popular choice for glamorous events and special occasions. From classic Hollywood glamour to modern-day red-carpet events, sequin dresses have always been a go-to choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd. However, choosing the right shoes to wear with a sequin dress can be a challenge.

On that note, what shoes to wear with Sequin dresses on any occasion? Well, High heels, metallic heels, embellished flats, ankle boots, and strappy sandals are all great shoe options to wear with a sequin dress. There are a lot of options to explore.

So, in this article, we’ll explore some of the best shoe options to wear with sequin dresses as well in our next article we will talk about Closed Toe Shoes To Wear With Maxi Dress, so you can feel confident and stylish at your next event.

Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dresses

You’re probably aware that style is a delicate balancing act. Sure, there will be red-carpet looks that make jeans with fur (or some other bizarre choice) work, yet for the most part, the basic regulations remain unchanged. However, the fashion police have laid back some of these rules in recent years.

To make your whole look worthwhile, we have some great suggestions for you about the winter also. We’ve talked about styling a maxi dress during winter so that you look good in every season.

Classic Pumps are The Choice

A classic pump is always a safe choice when it comes to formal occasions. Opt for a black or nude pump with a simple silhouette to balance out the glitz of your sequin dress. A pointed toe or a slightly chunky heel can add some visual interest while still keeping the focus on your dress.

Keep it Effortless with Naturals

One of the easiest ways to style a sequin dress is to pair it with simple, classic heels in black or nude. These colours will complement the sparkle of the dress without overpowering it, and they’ll match just about any colour or style of sequin dress. Choose a style that flatters your foot, whether that’s a stiletto, a block heel, or a wedge.

Try Metallic Heels for A Fun Twist

If you’re feeling a little more daring, metallic heels can add a fun and unexpected twist to your sequin dress outfit. Gold or silver heels are particularly eye-catching and will play off the sparkle of the dress nicely. Just be sure to keep the rest of your accessories simple, so your shoes don’t compete for attention.

Consider Strappy Sandals for A Summery Look

If you’re wearing a sequin dress for a summer event, strappy sandals can be a great option. Choose a pair with delicate straps and a low heel for a feminine look, or go for a chunkier heel for more support. Neutral or metallic colours will work well with most sequin dresses, but you could also try a pop of colour for a bolder statement.

Sneakers Can Add a Casual Touch (A Bold Choice)

For a more casual look, consider pairing your sequin dress with sneakers. This works particularly well with shorter, more casual styles of sequin dresses. White sneakers are a classic choice, but you could also try a bold colour or patterned pair to add some personality.

Boots Can Add Edge to Your Outfit

For a more edgy or rock-and-roll vibe, ankle boots can be a great choice. Choose a pair with a chunky heel or platform to balance out the sparkle of the dress. Black leather or suede boots are a classic choice, but you could also try a metallic or brightly coloured pair for a more daring look.

Don’t Forget about Flats

If you’re not a fan of heels, don’t worry – flats can work just as well with a sequin dress. Choose a simple, understated pair in black or nude, or opt for a more colourful or patterned pair to add some interest. Ballet flats, loafers, or sandals with low heels can all work well.

Tips to Synchronize Sequin Dresses and Shoes

Coordinating a sequin dress with shoes can seem daunting, but with a few tips and tricks, you can create a cohesive and stylish outfit. Here are some tips to help you coordinate your sequin dress and shoes:

Consider the Colour of the Dress

 The colour of the dress is the most important factor to consider on every occasion. If you’re wearing a silver or gold sequin dress, metallic shoes in the same shade can look stunning. If your dress is a bold colour like red or blue, try pairing it with neutral-coloured shoes like black or nude to balance out the outfit. Alternatively, you could try a shoe colour that matches or complements the colour of the dress for a more daring look.

Think About the Style of the Dress

The style of the dress can also influence the type of shoes you wear. A short, flirty sequin dress may pair well with strappy sandals or pumps, while a long, flowing sequin dress may look better with chunky heels or boots. Consider the silhouette and length of the dress when choosing your shoes to create a cohesive look.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix Textures

Sequin dresses are already a statement piece, so it’s important not to overwhelm the outfit with too many accessories. However, you can add interest to the look by playing with textures. For example, a sequin dress can look stunning paired with suede or velvet shoes. Alternatively, you could try adding a leather jacket or faux fur coat to the outfit to add texture and contrast.

Pay Attention to the Occasion

The occasion you’re wearing the sequin dress can also impact the type of shoes you wear. For formal events, classic heels or elegant strappy sandals can be a great choice. For more casual events, try pairing the dress with sneakers or flats for a more relaxed look. Always consider the dress code of the event to ensure your outfit is appropriate.

Confidence is Key

Finally, the most important factor when coordinating a sequin dress and shoes is confidence. When you feel confident and comfortable in your outfit, you’ll look and feel your best. Choose shoes that you feel confident in and that complement the dress in a way that makes you feel stylish and beautiful.

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To sum it up, when it comes to what shoes to wear with a sequin dress, there are several factors to consider, including the occasion, the style of the dress, and your personal preferences. It’s important to strike a balance between complementary and statement-making shoes, without overwhelming your outfit.

Whether you opt for classic pumps, sleek ankle boots, or playful sandals, the key is to choose a shoe that enhances the sparkle and shine of your dress while keeping you comfortable and confident. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to rock any sequin dress with the perfect shoes to match.

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