Brooks Glycerin 19 Vs 20: Game-Changing Duo

Designed for neutral runners, the Brooks Glycerin 19 and 20 are both cushioned running shoes with their own unique features. The Glycerin 20 boasts a lighter and springier foam midsole, along with a more padded and secure upper. Plus, its upper is more breathable, keeping your feet cooler during long runs.

Brooks Glycerin 19

Brooks Glycerin 20

On the other hand, the Glycerin 19 offers a plusher and more flexible upper. However, it may not be the best choice for summer runs, as it could get overly warm. Both shoes are great for daily running routines, but the Glycerin 20 stands out with its smooth and snappy feel and cooler design.

I’ve done an individual review between the Glycerin and Glycerin Gts to know more about these two series in detail.

Who Should Buy Glycerin 19 and 20?

You should choose the 20 if you need more structure and support, or the 19 if you prefer more softness and flexibility or you can read Saucony vs Brooks comparison to decide more accurately.

The Glycerin 20 boasts a firmer midsole and segmented crash pad that provide extra cushioning and stability, while the Glycerin 19 offers greater flexibility and cushioning for shorter runs. Both shoes are designed to provide comfort, durability, and flexibility for runners of all kinds.

Who Should Not Buy Glycerin 19 and 20?

Runners who prefer more cushioning or responsiveness may find other options more suitable than the Brooks Glycerin 20, as it has a firm and stable midsole. They may also want to explore alternatives to the Brooks Glycerin 19, because of its softer and more flexible midsole that has some firmness and weight to it.

First Impression: Brooks Glycerin 19 Vs 20

I’ve been using the Brooks Glycerin series for a while now. They’re super cushy and comfy. So I was eager to try the new Brooks Glycerin 20, which came out in late 2022. I wanted to see how they compare to the Brooks Glycerin 19, which I ran in for most of 2021. I took both shoes for a spin on a 10K run on a flat road and here is what I got from them.

Putting on the Brooks Glycerin 20, I felt the softness and plushness in them. The new DNA Loft v3 midsole featured by the shoe was like a pillow under my feet. It gave me a nice bounce with every step.

The Brooks Glycerin 19 also had a soft midsole, but it was more firm and heavy than the Brooks Glycerin 20. The DNA Loft v3 was definitely a game-changer over the original DNA Loft in terms of responsiveness and cushioning.

On the ground, the Brooks Glycerin 20 felt smooth and stable. Its wider platform and thinner outsole gave me more contact area and more flexibility than the Brooks Glycerin 19. The Brooks Glycerin 20 had more flex grooves that created a rocker-like motion that helped me transition from heel to toe more easily.

On the other hand. the Brooks Glycerin 19 was more clunky and stiff on the ground, and it had more drop (10 mm) than the Brooks Glycerin 20 (8 mm). It made me feel more on my heels. But to be honest, i have enjoyed my first impression while unboxing Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline and i was more satisfied than these.

In terms of fitting, the Brooks Glycerin 20 fit snugly and securely. The seamless and refined upper hugged my foot nicely, and it had no hot spots or irritation. Its heel counter was solid and supportive, but it also had a softer foam that cushioned my ankle better. 

The Brooks Glycerin 19 also features a breathable and comfortable upper. But it was looser and less precise than the Brooks Glycerin 20. I felt some slippage in the heel and midfoot area and had to tighten the laces more. 

Brook glycerin 20 overall shoe preview

Upper Mesh: Brooks Glycerin 19 Vs 20

The Brooks Glycerin 20 had a breathable and flexible double jacquard mesh upper. It fits my foot well and had 3D-printed overlays for structure and support. The overlays also improved stability and reduced foot movement. The mesh was durable and easy to maintain.

The Brooks Glycerin 19 had a more airy and moisture-wicking mesh upper with seamless overlays for added comfort. It was an excellent option for shorter runs due to its soft interior cushioning and adjustable fit.

To know more about the Glycerin series, i had to do a comparison between glycerin and brooks ghost and i am pretty sure that glycerin is better.

In comparison, the Glycerin 20 was designed for more extended runs, thanks to its breathable and flexible double jacquard mesh upper. Both models offered durable and low-maintenance mesh uppers with lace-up closures.

Brook glycerin 19 overall shoe preview

Sole Unit: Brooks Glycerin 19 Vs 20

Brooks Glycerin 20 and 19 are two neutral running shoes from Brooks. They have some things in common and some things that are different in the outsole. Let me tell you what i felt about their sole unit.

The Brooks Glycerin 19 and 20 both have firm cushioning, DNA Loft midsoles, and high-abrasion rubber outsoles for durability. However, the 20 has a firmer midsole for more support and a segmented crash pad on the outsole for a smoother ride. Meanwhile, the 19 has a lighter and more flexible midsole design for improved agility.

Brooks Glycerin 19 Vs 20

Overall Opinion

In conclusion, the Brooks Glycerin 19 and 20 are both excellent options for runners seeking comfortable and durable running shoes. Both shoes feature a DNA Loft midsole that offers a cushioned and stable ride suitable for daily running routines. However, there are some differences between the two models.

While doing the reviews, i have also bought a Hoka Bondi 7 and glycerin 19 and if you want, you can read the full comparison also.

The Glycerin 20 features a more technologically advanced design, which includes a firmer midsole, segmented crash pad, and thinner outsole, resulting in a smoother and more responsive ride. The Glycerin 19, on the other hand, boasts a lighter and more flexible midsole, providing improved agility.

In terms of fitting, while both models offer durable and low-maintenance mesh uppers with lace-up closures, the Glycerin 20 provides a more secure and snug fit than the Glycerin 19. Therefore, it all depends on personal preferences and needs, so you can choose the model that suits you best.

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